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The attacks are against tourism and mining industry

"The attacks against tourism and the mining industry," said Todor Georgiev, chief secretary of the National Association of Black Sea
Interview Alexandra Angelkova in. Labour, on 07/04/2015
Todor Georgiev
- Mr. Georgiev, what is the relationship between ekoreketa and the number of cases brought before the courts by various environmental organizations?
- The works are mainly filed against projects that require evaluation for environmental impact assessment (EIA). They prowl it.
- Is there a certain group projects tendentious attack by green organizations?
- They must attack the projects related to tourism and the mining industry. Where there is economic activity, where something can "stumble". Many of the cases are withdrawn. We did an analysis of cases by Association "Living Nature". Over 75% of them were withdrawn. There are also cases of a fight to the hole. If one area is operated by an eco-organization, it will not allow to happen precedent. Such a project is Bansko for many years, and the Black Sea - Karadere.
- Do you have information on a particular racket?
- Two days ago in Pomorie mayor held a meeting with the public on the occasion of the water cycle, which is built in the city. There he publicly acknowledged how of "Green Balkans" have engaged in racketeering to the municipality. "Green Balkans" say: "We do plan for management of the Pomorie Lake." Pomorie public rose against this plan, the mayor Ivan Alexiev leave to appeal and did not take it as it is to the detriment of Pomorians. "Toma Belev came into my office, stamped on the table and said:" 20 years will see common city plan, if you will not let my management plan for the lake, "said the mayor. (More info - see below).
- In your opinion, what is the reason for attempts to hinder so many projects?
- A handful of people from Bulgaria were recognized as the society which keeps nature. 2000 were sent to a group of environmentalists training. Only back then they saw through a truth - no money can seize a territory and then from there can take out some money. The area is said zone Natura. They participated in the drafting of the Biodiversity Act, which is the end of 2002. No government dared touch it. NATURA areas are regulated in two documents - the Birds Directive and the Habitats this. It neither in one place is not written prohibition. There are texts that say the projects, whatever they are, should be examined by experts - scientists, not by environmentalists NGOs. The competent authorities then have to say if there will be an impact on the environment. If you have such an effect, what are the mitigation measures, and not the non-project.
- Directs the actions of anyone environmentalists?
- Norway and Switzerland are not members of the EU but have environmental funds that invest in EU countries. If you are contractually obliged to invest some money somewhere, will invest them for what - for what you will.
- You mean that their aim is in the country to have more protected areas in order to attract more tourists themselves?
- Roughly speaking to. We know what the war and for a tourist.
- Does your organization has cases against someone?
- Yes, against the Council of Ministers on the occasion that was announced a large sea area. Naturally unsuccessful because if we had won, the whole system, built of green, collapsed.
- What percentage of the territory of Bulgaria within Natura 2000 and how things in Europe?
- In Bulgaria - 42%, as not including biological corridors that connect different areas NATURA. In Germany 21%, France - 24%.
- Is there speculation in declaring an area protected?
- In Sevlievo, there are two rivers - the Visible and Rositsa, and a dam, which falls within the Natura area, because there alosa. This is the only fish in the Black Sea, which is protected. How did you get into this dam, it is very strange. He appeared was amazing places.
- And what happens with development plans on the Black Sea?
- Since 2008, the only common city plan that was adopted for the city of Burgas and not of Bourgas Municipality. Everything else stops.
Ivan Alexiev, mayor of Pomorie, discussion (31 March):
Hand on Pomorie Lake put "Green Balkans", and not of yesterday. Managed by the Council of Ministers decision to provide stewardship of the lake of Pomorie Municipality. The second step, which undertook, blow up peace between the municipality and the organization - we have to prepare an integrated management plan for the lake. "Green Balkans" had made a project. Pomorians jumped against him - and solar, and fishermen and kalvadachi because this project management serving only the interests of "Green Balkans". From "Green Balkans" said Pomorie in the next 20 years will see a master plan for the mayor, because they took the lake.