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                                                                              OPEN LETTER



Dear members of the Council of Ministers,
Dear representatives of the Bulgarian media,


Let us stop the spread of lies in the media!


On May 9, 2019, the Dnevnik website published an article by author Vera Staevska entitled "Members of parliament are proposing to build on dunes and raise fines for tents on them." The lie is that there is no proposal from MPs to build on dunes. Article with the fake title "MPs offer construction on dunes" from the same date also publishes the "Free Europe" website. The same lie "... it is proposed to build on dunes ..." was also pronounced by Mrs. Marcheva, who led the show "This Saturday and Sunday" on BTV on 12.05.2019.


At the National Assembly a procedure is underway for a draft amendment to a Law for the Spatial planing of the Black Sea Coast. The proposal was submitted by the Ministry of Tourism. Some of the parties represented in Bulgarian Parliament also tabled amendments to the draft law. The submitted draft law and the additional proposals submitted to it by the MPs of NFSB, VMRO and GERB, structure changes that fully meet European standards and are part of the solution of global and national problems:
1. Preserve the environment of the Bulgarian coast - beaches and coastal waters from the pollution with plastic waste.
2. Preserve natural habitats of national importance - dunes.
3. Create conditions for the development of ecological micro-family business.
4. The terms and conditions for the granting of concession for beaches are more detailed and specified.


These proposed changes have been the cause of several wildcampres to create fake news:
1. "The dunes would be built". There is no such proposal in any of the amendments to the draft law. This statement should be classified as a pure lie.
2. Proposed banning of tents, campers and caravans on dunes and sanctioning of offenders with fines has been disclosed by environmentalists as limiting the right of movement. Strangely, self-proclaimed "guardians" of dunes and beaches were frightened by the fact that the law would punish those who pollute and damage the beaches and dunes.
3. Promotion of "alternative tourism" is a self-exclusion phrase. Tourism either has or does not exist. Types of tourist activities are many. The alternative to tourism means there is no tourism.
4. Direct calls are made for the withdrawal of private property - nationalization !!!
5. An "Anticorruption Fund" NGO's representative on behalf of the owners of cempres and caravans - very expensive vehicles (without asking them) allowed, to ask the state free of charge for the use of properties for unregulated camping. This provided that they lack the resources to fully meet the needs of disadvantaged children. It is not acceptable a few wealthy Bulgarians, to be financed by the state budget and by private property owners, for their free camping in "wild places".


We appeal to journalists who distribute fake news for the purpose of pre-election support for the "God-elected" of the neo-liberal formation "Democratic Bulgaria" to read the draft law published on the National Assembly's website. Let us not reject the Euro-Atlantic values ​​and not direct Bulgaria to a country in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula.

National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"


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