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In the days of mourning Ministry distributes hidden 11.5m.


In the days of mourning Ministry of ecology and water distributes hidden 11.5m. lv on hollow NGOs

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13.12.2016 • 21: 01 pm


Executive Environment Agency outrageous run again halted order to fill the pockets of the ring "Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria"
Executive Environment Agency (EEA) is one of those numerous shady government bodies who have omerta - never mentions their boss never change.

Battle of corrupt officials and environmentalists for scandalous order 11.5m. Lev continues ...

    Under the guise of national tragedy in Hitrino Executive Environment Agency (EEA) has decided to push anew scandalous orders amounting to 11.5 million lev research and field studies of the habitats in Bulgaria.

    After a series of appeals and a number of violations of the Public Procurement Act announced in late August 2016 procurement of the EEA was terminated. On November 28, 2016 it was announced again - under the same conditions! The money will be given to gathering information on species distribution in Bulgaria, which will then be transmitted to the Commission and on this basis to ascertain:

Is there sufficient area network "Natura 2000" in Bulgaria or she should be increased?
How bad is the status of species and habitats in Bulgaria and if so, what additional restrictions and bans should be introduced?

Adjusted order for our 'green' men

   For these reasons the hollow green NGOs from the Coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria" have a huge interest to win the contract, the more that it will provide long-term financing for their unique and "very important" priority - how to justify the conversion of Bulgaria in territory that allows them bully any local entrepreneur. Naturally, so that hollow bodies with incompetent and uneducated experts to get this funding requirements of the Ministry should be carefully thought through. And the Executive Environment Agency clearly making every effort to do so, since it has not changed anything in the application requirements or in the terms of reference:

There are no requirements for potential contractors, it is sufficient that they have done some field activities, no matter how long and how much even an assessment of the environmental impact of the construction of the farm would be sufficient;
It does not require proof of any financial capabilities of potential participants - even if no one lev in a bank account, this is not a problem since only two months from the contract without any effort they get about 4000 000 lev without VAT as an advance, but as payment for "actually incurred" activities;
Education experts is not a problem as long as they say they can do something and the agency accepts it at face value.
Experts who will have to take the most important decisions for our country, it is not necessary to have almost no experience - three years counting butterflies in a zoo is enough.
The methodology for the evaluation of tenders is virtually the lowest price since it only recorded if there texts in a certain direction without assessing the actual content or quality of the proposals. Such a discount could give only non-governmental "green" organizations that probably have no intention to conduct field studies and will simply remove the old data accruing on previous projects.

     Conveniently divided finance - taxpayer under (in) the possibilities of environmentalists as needed

    Next, the financial resource is not distributed randomly between lots (8 in total). The greatest resource of 3.7 million lev VAT is concentrated in the lot for birds, probably due to the fact that one of the experts of the EEA, participated in the development of technical specifications is a doctoral precisely on this topic. It is not clear how and why the agency has taken such a decision, given that a review of BSPB website can be established how many identical projects of the same type have been implemented in recent years.

  To all this, let me add that the Regional Inspectorates of Environment conduct censuses of birds this year was realized 40th. Moreover BSPB gathers data on bird species of annual monitoring - is unclear how these data are provided to the Ministry and EEA, but exist in their "secret" database.
  Where are the data from previous surveys, paid with funds from the European and Bulgarian taxpayer?
    Apparently not in the EEA, otherwise hardly agency would have bet the same activities and provide this huge financial resource that on top of everything is a double financing and would hardly be restored by the European Commission. Or simply it is clearly established scheme same data to sell Nha