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What incentives do private owners and land users want?


 EU survey on landowners and land users



What compensations, direct payments, incentives or reliefs wants the private landowners and users of lands getted in Natura 2000 sites or out of them that carry out bird, animal and plant conservation measures? This aims to determine an EU-wide survey with a key task of contributing to the introduction of more effective support from the European institutions and mechanisms of private landowners and land users affected by nature conservation measures.


Your money is in your lands!


Ask them by starting the survey HERE



The study was launched by the European Landowners' Organization (where NABBS is a memeber) and "The Nature Conservancy" and is a part of the "Land Is For Ever" project, funded under the European program "Life+". This project aims at adapting new tools to assist individual landowners in conservation activities.


The survey is completely anonymous, no personal data will be collected and takes 20 minutes to answer. Please submit your responses before June 22, 2019. Landowners and land tenants from all over the EU are invited to take part in the survey.