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For Greek society pipeline is eco bomb

Burgas - Alexandroupolis is estimated by the Greek society as eco bomb



On 20 and 21.02.2017, the members of NABBS led by the Chairman Dimitar Kanarievi visited the town. Kavala and the town. Alexandroupolis R. Greece There they held meetings with related NGOs, owners of agricultural land and fishing associations. The topic of conversation was the project of Burgas-Alexandroupolis. On-site representatives NABCH be assured that the local communities of Northern Greece are very worried and categorically reject the idea of ​​the project. NGOs estimated the project as an ecological bomb. Owners of agricultural land declared unwilling to sell their land to private Greek company that will implement the project.

Fishermen's associations in Kavala said that their bay is saturated with fish from all the Aegean Sea. Migration route of fish passes from the Black Sea through the Bosporus, the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Aegean Sea to Alexandroupolis and reached their bay before Halkidiki. These life and death will keep Least Concern way the fish.

In Alexandroupolis people have the same opinion as categorically said that for them this project is not a state, because the state has one percent of the Greek company for oil and the remaining 23.5% are Greek billionaire who wished the Russian Federation to its build than oil port and refinery. Fishermen's associations, property owners and friendly NGOs will make local meetings readiness for holding protests and blocking border crossings if the Bulgarian side project be revived.

On Bulgarian territory the National Association "Black Sea" continues to find new points and handing out forms to its members to collect signatures against the pipeline "Burgas - Alexandroupolis".

We ask the government of the Republic of Bulgaria not increased by 120,000 BGN capital of "Project Company Oil Pipeline Burgas - Alexandroupolis BG" AD, and it liquidated and deleted from the commercial register.