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First green activist of is a conviction for a lie!

The miracle happened - the first verdict

Green is in fact!


Source: "Revelations" from 04.07.2016g.
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Hope is alive - the first activist of the Greens has a conviction for a lie!

These days happen precedent - the country in the face of the judiciary finally jumped against the Greens, who felt omnipotent. After years of doing a bunch of havoc racketeered not stopped to litigate against the state and flooding the Commission with a bunch of letters lies, finally one of them got what he deserved. Of course, psevdoekolozite not fall on his back and convicted Borislav Sandov's say they will sue the state in Strasbourg.


Sandow was first convicted in greens


This intention Co-Chair of the Greens announced yet in the District Court in Panagyurishte, which found him guilty of first instance case, which was filed on the basis of post Sandov on Facebook.


"To tell the truth in Bulgaria is dangerous. Examples in our history there are many. Examples have today. In almost every sphere of public and political life. An example is the decision of the Bulgarian court according to which to write on the wall on Facebook, that the representative of Assarel-Tsotsorkov oligarch-poisoner is true, but offensive and should pay some 5,000 of these my words " wrote the first condemned by the Greens in the social network.


According to Borislav Sandov is not surprising that "in this censored for truth, democracy is a facade." Sandov adds that it is no wonder that we are a "shameful 113th place for media freedom." "Nor is that almost all the cases at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, and especially freedom of speech, ending the detriment of Bulgaria. Remains to be seen whether I'll win such a lawsuit in Strasbourg, "he added. The case concerns the expansion of mine "Assarel-" to Panagyurishte. Against this decision an appeal filed by the PP as "greens" and the Wildlife Society "Balkans".


According to the complaint the administrative authority must make the project EIA wrongly determined the places where the project would adversely impact - for example, places in the Luda Yana River. Green also questioned consultations with locals who have only been performed in Panagyurishte and Oborishte municipality and they look pretty suspicious and adjusted. According to them, the chairwoman of the local ekokomisiya not even invited to the talks. And in addition - the territory in which "Asarel Medet" wants to expand its industrial area within the zone "Natura 2000", add greens, writes


It discontent psevdoekolozite because of these problems on their way to the goal has been expressed by Sandov social network as a personal opinion. However, concerns Tsotsorkov who is portrayed with quite insulting epithets as "The Poisoner oligarch". Since he has no Facebook, understood by third parties statement Sandov. So based on the publication to prosecute and it resulted in a precedent - the first convicted of greens!