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Green octopus racketeering investors

Green octopus racketeering investors


Lazheekolozi invented pretext to appeal EIA


There are new schemes well disguised extortion over investors. Organizations that write environmental, filed formal lawsuits against companies for non-compliance of environmental norms and extort them for money to give up their claims in court, writes "168 hours" rule .Po allegations made by lazheekolozite are no arguments and at a certain stage of the process always withdraw. A baby does not have a representative of the association to attend the sessions reveal the magazine as a racketeer businessmen and lawyers who worked on such cases.

They further explain that often psevdoekolozi used another technique - produce cases that are so visibly contrived that no weight and easily fall into court. One thing is certain - in both cases the losses are huge for entrepreneurs.

In this situation, of course, there is a third option - to conclude amicable agreement with "environmentalists" by making a donation in favor of their pious activities. The existence of these new practices recognized by authentic environmental organizations.

According to experts still preferable question promptly be settled financially, since, if it comes to a legal battle, even if it is successful, the damages are immeasurably greater, because they include the loss of time while a trial.

Such is the case with "Road Company" JSC. In 2010 the company decided to take a concession for aggregates in the village Boyadjik, Yambol. The investment is very promising because it is close to hard under construction at that time highway "Trakia". Career can yield a large quantity of crushed stone, and to the needs of this raw material for construction work on the important thoroughfare expected profits are measured in millions. Another happy circumstance for the investor is that the location planned for extraction, previously worked for state career and thus risk a protest that could affect the environment are minimal.

For a while things go smooth and firm with no problem dochakva release the approved EIA report. Immediately afterwards, however, the court is a complaint against him by the conservation association "Living nature" based in Plovdiv. It turns out that the pitch designated for the concession has insurmountable obstacles to develop any industrial activity. Although the place is barren years, according to environmentalists right there chose to nest an owl - a bird that falls in the list of protected species in Bulgaria.
"When we did check, we saw that in them it is a practice. They are waiting to go approved EIA reports them obzhalvat-
explains Zdravko Georgiev, director of "Road Company" JSC. - Especially for us was absolutely blanket appeal. Overall, there was nothing concrete in the complaint - is not met the law violated their rights, etc. In which it had suggested that it was nice to talk with them. There environmentalists at least we did not see. When we had a conversation, we realized that the organization does not environmentalists - the entire board of the association is run by lawyers. On top of that we suggested that you see, they are non-governmental non-profit organization and are supported only by donations and voluntary contributions and if we want and we can make a donation and in return we will not create problems, "says the businessman.

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