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On 19.03.2019 in Istanbul, a Regional Stakeholder Seminar – "Towards a Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea" organized by the European Commission - DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and the Permanent Secretariat of the Organization for the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).


The main purpose of the seminar was to gather ideas for joint initiatives and actions at regional level to support the Black Sea Common Maritime Program. The focus was on how to stimulate the involvement of coastal regions, local decision-makers, entrepreneurs and civil society in the implementation of the program.


The National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" was presented by the Chairman of the Board Dimitar Kanariev, who took part in two working discussions: "An attractive Black Sea region: sustainable coastal and maritime tourism" and "Healthy marine environment and fight against plastic pollution". The seminar focused on the negative impact of wild and illegal campsites on the environment and tourism. The representatives of the EC and BSEC, as well as the participants in the seminar from the various Black Sea countries, accepted the wild ilegal campsites for a serious problem, which has to be solved.


Among the priority objectives to be addressed in the Black Sea region are the "Promotion of the development of sustainable products and services with low impact on ecosystems". During its discussing, NABBS representative proposed the development of a new sustainable tourism product - "Eco Campsite", which will open a new market niche for tourist service in the nature without urbanization, bringing additional income to property owners, who will also organize the order and collection waste.


So while they earn they will preserve the environment and preserving the environment they will earn income. What's more sustainable than that?


The idea provoked a furor among the participants and was warmly supported by them and immediately were made requests for the "Eco Campsite" model to be transformed into a network spread throughout the Black Sea region.


NABBS's proposal, in the opinion of the participants, addresses the fundamental issues of the Black Sea:
1. Localizes a major source of pollution in the Black Sea with plastic waste;
2. An economic instrument shall be established to prevent such pollution. For its part, the economic entity that stops pollution earn directly from this activity. No public means of combating pollution are required;
3. An entirely new alternative tourism product - "Eco Campsite" is created;
4. Economic entities, Black Sea countries and the protection of the Black Sea basin only benefit. The generated profit and the environmental benefits of this new sustainable tourism product - "Eco Campsite" are not imaginary and somewhere in the future, and can have an immediate effect from the next tourist season.