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And the mayor pointed NOVA TV as a great manipulator

Tsarevo Mayor spread position in connection with a series of reports related to the construction by the sea during high tourist season. Publish the full text without editorial intervention.
In connection with false statements circulated by Nova TV publish hidden from the audience response to media. Instead, this morning was another story aired old footage and false suggestions.
1. Field, nekoretno and misleading statement is the leading "That is - the mayor of GERD requires miniature fine, the smallest - as individuals and not as legal entities (where the fine is greater) of his party members." In this connection I want to clarify:
After the check is found only a violation of the ban on construction within the season. Construction securities firms are in order and can not talk about illegal construction.
Contrary to what you say about the construction off-season have drawn statements of both individuals and businesses. Acts are not drawn directly from the mayor of Tsarevo Municipality and representatives of TSU. Only after the statutory deadline for appealing the mayor of the municipality must issue a penal provision for amounts stipulated in the law.
2. Strongly disagree'm finding "Raven crow eye pulls - a very small but fine, not great." For individuals fines will be lev 1000 and cited by Nikolaev legal entities will be penalized by 10 000 lev . my principal belief is that the fines are fair when talking about first offense sanctioned. Moreover, experience shows that it is more difficult to fall penal ordinances in court.
3. I strongly disagree with the statement "And it turns out that they, rather than ensure compliance with the law and be an example, an example of violation of the law." The inspections are regular and continuous activity of the municipal administration and do not happen because signal or media coverage. Continuous monitoring of the construction activities and monitoring compliance with the law is a fundamental principle in the work of the municipality. For this season are made more acts of a number of natural and legal persons, regardless of their status in society.
4. quoted from Nikolaev material OFFNews, entitled "scandalous construction in Lozenets is president of GERB in Tsarevo" not true. The statement that "ongoing summer construction in Lozenets is president of GERB in Tsarevo Angel Tsigularova" absolutely not true. Tsigularova not GERB leader in Tsarevo. The municipal coordinator of the party is Daniel Nikolov.
Because of all these facts, I think the coverage of the case of incorrect and unacceptable. Circulation of the implications and interpretations of the material OFFNews and comments Viktor Nikolaev, at that - months before the election campaign, I find tendentious and discrediting of the municipal administration and mine as mayor, which will seek justice makers cited incorrect text who apparently managed to deceive you.
The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria observed by Tsarevo municipality, whether under their shots fall ordinary citizens, councilors and party members.
All other statements and comments found to be unfair, misleading and / or the result of incomplete / unverified information. They talk about ignorance of the laws and principles of operation of the municipal administration as a whole.
I believe that my right to reply to me will be fully reflected in "Hello, Bulgaria" and the television news site, as required by the Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian media and good journalistic practice, and that will continue to check your sources before you trust them .
Eng. George Lapchev
Mayor of Tsarevo