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Minister of Environment: Camping sites must be regulated

Camping sites must be regulated

July 5, 2017, Wednesday


Wild campsite areas on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast must be defined and regulated in the legislation. This was made clear during a meeting of Neno Dimov, Minister of Environment and Waters, with Dimitar Kanariev, Chairman of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea". Once wild camping sites are regulated, there will be clear responsibilities for water, chemical toilets, waste and wastewater treatment, said Minister Dimov. NATURA 2000 sites also have wild camping sites, but there must be regulation.


Kanariev said their analyzes show that there are more than 20 points of wild camping at sea coast, including in protected areas, dunes and private properties. During the summer season, there are over 10,000 people, who weekends growing up to 20,000. Campers pollute with plastic, bottles, paper, bio-waste and fire, Kanariev says. According to him, they leave behind tons of waste that no one could clean up.


The National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" also raised the problem of the lack of general (spatial) development plans in some municipalities along the coast. Kanariev pointed out that if they were accepted 10 years ago, the vision of the Black sea would have been different. Minister Dimov said that once they were submitted to the MOEW, the general development plans will be discussed fast and moved for adoption.




Source: Ministry of Environment and Water

Daily news BTA - 06.07.2017

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