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Natura 2000 and T. Belev wants a lot of money again!




Toma Belev through its Facebook wants more than the announced 714 thousand. Lev without VAT (857 thousand. Lev VAT) wants and lowering the criteria for expertise regarding order announced by the Ministry of Environment and Water. Announced by green oligarchs as the greatest expert on environmental issues Toma Belev himself admitted that the Ministry has requested expertise at European level, not the level of expertise green Bulgarian mafia. That state has requested the announced order "to provide services for development and national reconciliation management approach for the Natura 2000 network and National Priority Framework for Action Natura 2000", to be done by highly qualified personnel with years of experience in the field was "clear discrimination".


Over the years, the same gentleman with protests and other methods required by MOEW criteria orders so be formed that may apply to have only he or his associates. When such an important country document Ministry demanded competence greater than that which has T. Belev, it reacts instantly with spell by throwing beans, he decided to reason with the ministry to change its requirements in the same mold. The money - 857 thousand. Lev VAT and they were a little foreign experts ... and remain enough for him. For foreign experts are not small, but whether there will be pleased remnant of it do not know! This is the reason he wants to reduce standards of competence and raise money.


On 07.04.2016g. Ministry announced the order in open procedure 'Provision of services for the development and coordination of national management approach for the Natura 2000 network and National Priority Framework for Action Natura 2000 ".


MOEW has set requirement leading expert with 10 years experience, with at least seven years they have been in the management of Natura 2000. It is obvious that in Bulgaria there is no one to keep up with orders relating to management Natura 2000 network, covering more than 1/3 of the country and for MOEW seeks international expert with experience. Approach to achieve the objectives of Natura 2000 should be of reasonable arrangements taking into account the real public interest is enshrined in European documents created NATURA 2000! It's no secret, however, that the green mafia uses certain scientific workers in its feed and are outrageous conflict of interest and are constantly attacking proposals to impose regimes in protected areas Natura 2000, leading to the transformation of Bulgaria in reserve disabled people.


On 05.05.2016 in facebook profile T. Belev wrote: "... Today I decided to threw beans and see who will fulfill that contract to the Ministry consultant for Natura 2000 ( ) and the beans took that expression that the team can be fought only by two former employees of the Ministry - Nikolay Nedialkov and Michael Mihaylov. Will take to document the prediction with a note to Ivelina Vassileva and Olaf ... "," ... such clear discrimination "," ... money is not for any European ... ".

Dear Minister of Environment and Waters
Ignore the bean spells T. Belev and his occult methods or if you think that occult predictions are part of the management of the Ministry, the note of the result of throwing a lens. Members of NABBS, experts throw lens, lens asked on occasion you declared procurement lens and said, "T. Belev not throw beans and showmanship. His wife Vesselina Kavrakova's representative in Bulgaria of the mother ship - Swiss NGO WWF with "modest" annual budget of 500 mln. Euros. Mother ship will participate in the competition for the contract by non-Bulgarian green men. Mother ship will take care of the family of T. Belev, but not bad family take care to ask for more money. "
Dear Minister of Environment and Waters of Bulgaria
Outside joke NABBS your calls on the Commission, which will assign to determine the winner in order to comply strictly with its terms and always bear in mind that Bulgarian commission must protect Bulgarian nature, the people in Bulgaria and Bulgaria's economy, and not its members are affected by motherships, green men, Dart veyders or other foreign interests - aimed at grabbing Bulgaria and its resources.