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Bulgaria will be divided into nine tourist area


Bulgaria will be divided into nine tourist area to be detached until 2016. They can apply with projects to promote conditions for rest in them, including future EU programs "Regions in growth." This provides elaborated concept of the Tourism Ministry, to be discussed Tuesday at a meeting with industry organizations in the sector, and by the end of the month and be accepted. The idea of ​​zoning is enshrined in the new law on tourism adopted in the winter of 2013, but so far never came to realization.
Nine tourist area
According to the concept of the Ministry of Economy nine tourist region should specialize in a different type of tourism. For example, the largest area for holidays in the country - the Black Sea, will be divided into two - North and South centers Varna and Burgas. Besides summer sea tourism North Coast need to bet more on sports and southern - cultural tourism as the main species. In concept, however, is set to work on other types of products. For example, it is recorded that resorts around Varna more suitable for conference, festival and ecotourism, and those around Burgas - for balneo-, religious, adventure and ecotourism.
According to the concept of Sofia and the nearby municipalities should be divided into separate region specialized in business travel and tourism, and four great mountains - Rila, Pirin, the Rhodope Mountains, should be divided into separate regions. Besides traditional mountaineering (including skiing) they can specialize more in rural, eco, adventure, religious and other types of tourism, says the concept.
In a separate region is a separate Rose Valley a center of Kazanlak, which covers both cultural tourism (festivals Rose, visits to cultural and historical sites such as the Thracian sanctuaries, etc.) And spa tourism for the region's resorts as Hisar, Pavel Banya and others. According to the ministry Valley is more suitable for mountain adventure and wine tourism.
Area "Trakia" you would have to bet on cultural and wine tourism, its center will be in Plovdiv. In this region also includes Stara Zagora, Haskovo, Yambol and others like it will draw more concepts for eco-, adventure, health tourism and others.
The largest region according to plan the tourism ministry is "Danube", which includes 67 municipalities and 21% of the territory. Logically, this region provides a focus on cruises and cultural tours.