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"Ecologists" want 50 million. Lv to keep the Red-breasted Goose

Already have harvested 5.3 million lev for the Red-breasted Goose, but not gone
Source: "Trud" 20.01.2016g.
Appetite comes with eating - this old English adage apparently applies not only to Glochestarskite spotted pigs (the thickest in the world), but also for Bulgarian environmentalists.
Unprecedented project, an example of arrogance and greed, is posted on the website of the National Council on Biodiversity - after having successfully utilized 5.3 million lev, environmentalists by Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds want MEW and MAF still 49.7185 million lev to to-keep .... Red-breasted Goose.
No, no mistake, these are figures and words leva.Poveche fifty million more than the budget of a midsize regional city. For goose. Be it Red.
Action Plan for the conservation of the Red Goose in Bulgaria for the period 2015-2014g.
Shocking request is stipulated in the Action Plan for the conservation of Red-breasted Goose in Bulgaria for the period 2015-2024, developed by the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds. The plan is part of the "Safe land Redbreasts in Bulgaria", which was won by the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds in 2010 and graduated a few months ago. In this project, BSPB member of the coalition "For Nature Balgriya" already has mastered 5.3 million lev.
But apparently 5 million have not come to be full of red necks .... Redbreasts. So obviously we need another 50 million. On top of that, people in northeastern Bulgaria are propishteli precisely this goose, which has a population of over 200 000. It eats cereal and likeness of locusts destroying thousands of hectares of plantations.
Except for the amount not less interesting are the sources of funding, including from ecologists coalition "Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria" require millions. Apparently, 250 million lev Biodiversity Operational Programme Environment no longer reach environmentalists and they expanded their attack at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. The most expensive first measure required money is from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Operational Programme Environment, LIFE + and NAEP. To find eight million lev for the development of national ecological network you will be confused and directly within budget of the Ministry of Environment and Water.
To reflect the conservation activities required work of the employees of RIEWs, although money will be lapnati of the Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds and other NGOs. It will take millions and the Program for Rural Development, BAS, and others.
The scheme of pseudo-environmentalists from the coalition "Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria" is not only clear, it becomes bolder. When the country has areas with an average wage below 500 lev, when there are more than 2 million destitute pensioners with an average pension of less than 300 lev, when bankrupt purposes regional cities with budgets under 30 million, you want more than 50 million to preserve some goose It is the pinnacle of absurdity and audacity. There is hardly a reasonable person to believe the bait that such huge money will be spent on a goose. Millions of these projects are diverted and drained the state budget and European and diverted to private political campaigns and projects of PP greens. Their blades are precisely NGOs Network Coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria", which by their absurd protests by the yellow pavetai Orlov bridge blocking the completion of highways, construction of the third metro line, the entire mining industry, the development of summer and winter tourism, livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people in mountainous areas, opening up jobs in the poorest Bulgarian areas, etc.
"Trud" expects a response from the Minister of Environment and Water Mrs. Ivelina Vassileva and the Minister of Agriculture and Food, Mrs. Desislava Taneva approved Is this unprecedented insolence over 50 milionaleva?
NABBS warn six months before the public that this will happen. See here
Expect to 22.01.2016g. press release NABBS how BZDP luxury jeeps and binoculars "Swarovski" number of birds.