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Revealed a new scam green organizations

Revealed a new scam green organizations


A case similar to counting dolphins establish new investigation Coalition "Nature for People and Regions". The main characters are still the same - hoop from companies associated with Thomas Belev. These are two contracts. The first signed on 20. 09. 2005 by Thomas Belev as representing the "Association of Parks in Bulgaria" with the municipality of Gabrovo "Mapping and inventory of biodiversity in Usana GOP Bulgarian". The value of the contract is 7800 lev five years later, the circle around Toma Belev and conducts the same service, but instead of 7800 lev, this time 339,800 lev This gainful employment environmentalists acquire by tender. Now is not involved 'Association of Parks in Bulgaria "but other structure associated with Thomas Belev. Department of Natural Park "Bulgarian" assigned to the "Unification Bulgarka -2011" "Inventory of biotic components of the management plan for the park Bulgarka" worth 339,800 lev subject of two orders overlap, but the price difference is 45 times. Owners of "Unification Bulgarka-2011" are: "Ecological Center" Ltd - 100% owned by Association "Green Balkans", represented by Thomas Belev; "Association WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature" controlled by the wife of Thomas Belev, Vesselina Kavrakova and sole trading company of WWF-Bulgaria-"Marsileya" LTD. The legality of the actions carried out by the "Association of Parks in Bulgaria" now generates very large samnenniya. Recently we gave the event a contract for "Preparation of information - educational exposure for forming the Museum of dragonfly in PP" Vitosha ", according to the views of the Employer" between management GOP "Vitosha" and the Association of Parks in Bulgaria. Both organizations were represented by Thomas Belev the date of the contract - 20.12.2007. The implementation period is 30 days and is worth 4000 880 lev. The entire amount is paid by the Park Vitosha 'Association of Parks in Bulgaria "on 19.12.2007, the contract was signed on 20.12.2007 and the invoice was issued on 21.12.2007. At the same time, "Association of Parks in Bulgaria", together with its partners, the role of strategic advisor to governments on biodiversity and protected areas. In many cases, Toma Belev and his partners have imposed their views on the state: as the amount of protected areas, priorities and allocation of budgets, regulations, jobs and plans more. We found, however, that Thomas Belev was specifically funded by WWF, the "Biodiversity" and others. sources to create opinions on these important strategic issues that the country together with Bulgarian scientific composition should decide alone. Parks Association, chaired by Thomas Belev received money: - In 2004 the Foundation "Biodiversity" project "Development of Reference for an guide forest management in national parks - In 2004 the" WWF Dunavsko- Carpathian Programme Bulgaria "project" capacity Building of the Association of parks in Bulgaria in connection with the implementation of EU legislation on environmental protection and in particular the birds Directive 79/409 / EEC and the Habitats Directive 92/43 / EEC - in 2005, the Foundation "Biodiversity" project "Preparation of the Internet database of tourist services in and around parks" - in 2005 EECONET Action Fund to purchase land and forests owned by individuals falling within protected areas - in 2006 by the "Open society" project "Advocacy for changing the legal framework for protected areas" - in 2007, the Global Fund project "Development of jobs plans for controls on protected areas, priorities and a model of conservation of biodiversity "and the case with dolphins, and all our investigations on the activities of the hoop by green organizations showed that the main quartet - WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Bulgaria, Association of parks in Bulgaria, biodiversity Foundation" and "green Balkans "perceived by the public as selfless representative of civil society, won the procurement at inflated prices many times, and with unlawful manipulation. The only obvious result of "public benefit" activity of this cartel is that the costs of Bulgaria Service on biodiversity conservation have increased dozens of times. Interestingly, however, it is that millions of these costs credited to the bank accounts of the permanent advisers to governments - "Green Balkans", "WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Bulgaria", "Association of Parks in Bulgaria" and non-governmental organizations of persons of the party "The Greens" - "Biodiversity" Foundation and Association "wildlife." It is high time, all responsible institutions to check the hottest affairs of green organizations and to export the findings of checks environmentalists be removed from all committees, supervisory boards and committees state institutions.