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Press release for the environments reports


Speaking two years of the National Association "Black Sea" was recognized by the European Environment Agency, the Executive Environment Agency on 06.11.2015 in the town. Sofia took place in a national environmental conference "Environment - State and Trends ". It prof. Hans Bryuninks present five-year assessment report SOER 2015 the European Environment Agency and Vanya Grigorova - Executive Director of the Agency for the Environment gave the National Report on the environment - 2015 The conference was attended by the Minister of environment and water Mrs. Ivelina Vassileva and Mr. Tomislav Donchev - Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for European funds.
On behalf of the Board of N.A.B.CH. Dimitar Kanarievi - Chairman of the Board, presented the opinion of prof. Hans Bryuninks - Executive Director of the EEA, Minister Vassileva and Mr. Tomislav Donchev. From the data and conclusions of both environmental report it made it clear that before there Natura 2000 zone and "protect" nature of so-called. "Green" was a great ecological diversity. Now all recognize that it has decreased. This request to spend additional money on inefficient "green projects" or is it a result of the given tens of millions of Europe's favorite Bulgarian taxpayers 'green'? These huge funds are distributed primarily to organizations involved in the coalition "Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria" and the like. "Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds" and the findings of the national report saying that "birds have declined by 21% in Bulgaria ?! '. Great millions gathered by BSPB, "Green Balkans" and other NGOs to count and "protect" birds have led to a decrease in birds. Remember the scandal Reserve "Silver" and dead pelicans, pouring feces into the lake utilized against 30 mln. Levs for "protection."
'In addition to the deterioration of biodiversity in Bulgaria ?!', another typical activity for them is choking the economy and private business for years, using the most restrictive environmental legislation in Europe - Bulgarian. From public records of the Supreme Administrative Court shows that most of these associations have filed more than 1,100 complaints against investment projects. Over 90% of these complaints were unfounded and rejected by the court or been withdrawn. So we say that Bulgaria is rampant huge ekoreket - business t. Pomegranate. "Green" organizations.
Two years N.A.B.CH. said that the poor of Bulgaria for lack of other options is heated with solid fuels - wood and coal. We said it pollutes the air, said it and the national and European report. Please note that very few highways, broken and unsupported roads lead to air pollution with fine particles. Collapsed and scarecrow green octopus for speaking only in Bulgaria, coined the term "overdevelopment." Neither in Europe nor in our report there is such a term, let alone to have and injury. For this we offered a written statement to the Executive Director of the EEA prof. Hans Bryuninks and Prime Minister Mr. Boyko Borisov. Several things were confirmed by prof. Bryuninks through examples the conference without yet read our opinion.
Rich society developed economy, sustainable development, inviolable private property, leading to the conservation of nature. In this direction we are following our suggestions:
1. Immediately repeal the ban on shale gas exploration. In the US, natural gas is sold at prices around $ 80-90 for 1000m3 and Bulgaria buys gas at prices above $ 430 per 1,000 m3. The massive use of natural gas at low prices, will drastically improve the performance of the biggest environmental problem in the country - particulate matter because no one has an account to burn low calorie coal illegally felled wood. In the European report and word no pollution of nature in shale gas. And on the subject of speculation by green mafia for disasters are a failure.
2. We proposed revision of the agreement under the Operational Programme Environment, so that the funds earmarked for Bulgaria for small water treatment plants and landfills for waste treatment to increase many times. OPE to include funding for the rehabilitation and construction of new roads.
3. To stop all funding of public organizations calling themselves "green." They will not be allowed to participate in the preparation and management of environmental plans and projects financed with public funds. These activities are carried out through a competitive process, only companies. Public organizations calling themselves "green" to be funded solely through voluntary donations from the community and not providing them with public funds management.
4. Money for Biodiversity reach and managed exclusively by local communities, municipal governments, local groups and property owners within the Natura 2000 areas.
5. Immediate changes to the Law on Biological Diversity - the most restrictive law in Europe that encourage biodiversity conservation, not prohibit economic development.
Nature is a priceless thing, it gives life and prosperity, and we will defend the right of every citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria to benefit from this right, not a handful of oligarchs green - green octopus.