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Resignation of Vanya Grigorova Executive Director of the Environment Agency !!!
           National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" asks Ms. Vania Grigorova, Executive Director of the Environment Agency immediately submit his resignation.
  Starting order for a new census of the animals and habitats of 13.8 million lev VAT, which will be carried out on private and state property without the owners knowing what is done is unacceptable to us.

  Of distributed until tens of millions of euros counting criteria the agency headed by Ms. Grigorova, the effect is:

  - Nature and animals there are in the same good condition compared to the period before starting to count them;

 - But people in these areas have barely left or if others are on the verge of poverty or below this threshold.

  Green handful of oligarchs "Let Nature Remain in Bulgaria", with millions allocated for nature conservation, creating political parties to implement the executive and finance protests.
 In the last criteria announced by executive order the Environment Agency clearly shows that these 13.8 million lev not intended for scientific data collection with the participation of professionals - experts in cooperation with property owners, and are funding "green" NGOs. If the order is not stopped, then Bulgaria will be called Reserve Bulgaria and not the Republic of Bulgaria. This reserve will have a place only animals but not people.

  It remains our choice - to become animals in their own country or to become part of migrants headed to the big European countries.
  All this will happen because of unprofessional and irresponsible decisions of the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency Ms. Vania Grigorova.
  Categorically insist on the rapid resignation of Ms. Vania Grigorova and stop the contract.
  The board of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"