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About us

National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" is a non-profit organization, established in April 2013 in response to the need to bring together citizens and business organizations, living, working and investing in the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and aiming nature conservation.


Our goal: Environmental protection, sustainable development and economic prosperity.


Our vision: Green and clean Bulgaria with good infrastructure, predictable legislation and a clear investment horizon.


Our mission: representativeness of local communities that unite the interests of: domestic and foreign property owners and tourist sites, hoteliers and restaurateurs, builders and developers, farmers, fishermen, winemakers and others.


For its short history since its foundation, National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" has become a public forum and NGO of national importance. NABBS has generated different ideas and legislative initiatives in the public interest as observers in the parliamentary committees supporting their transposition into national legislation. We provoke convening and holding round tables with participation of ministers, parliamentary committees, experts and NGOs. NABBS regularly respond to civil unrest by organizing media campaigns and civic protests against unfair decisions of various parliaments and governments.


The focus of our actions is the conservation of nature through market mechanisms, protection of private property and the right to use and entrepreneurial initiative and fight against restrictive legislation and administrative arbitrariness.


The main objectives of the Association are:

Nature conservation through market mechanisms;


Creating an environment for entrepreneurship and innovation, strengthening and development of the regional economy with a conscious commitment to social and environmental aspects of sustainable tourism and related services;


Joining the interests of private farmers, farmers and landowners, to promote modern and sustainable agriculture and livestock in line with European practices and requirements for environmental protection;


Creating public attitudes and incentives for sustainable development in line with EU policies;


Building the network connections between local authorities, scientific institutions, enterprises and companies in the environmental sector to promote joint innovation activity between them;


Increasing environmental and tourism culture through the promotion of best international and European practices;


Accession and membership in other national and international organizations related field of activity;


Improving access to information about innovative technologies in the field of sustainable development by organizing seminars, roundtables and other initiatives;


Creation of an Advisory Board of experts to enhance public support for the development of innovative strategies.



NA "Bulgarian Black Sea" prepare opinions and projects under various laws and regulations to regulate transparent and predictable public relations.