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Primorsko revolt protest against NATURA 2000 and green extortion

Draft order protected zone "Ropotamo", Primorsko municipality (proposed protected area in 2006. Of "Green Balkans' Wildlife Society" Balkans "Foundation" Biodiversity "and several associations bats) and protected area" pear " , Razlog (proposed protected area in 2007. by Antoaneta Petrova, Iva Apostolova - ladies botanichki summoned by the Ministry as experts in dunes camp "South") rebelled people in both municipalities.
In the municipality of Primorsko has 7 protected areas and eight protected areas. Nearly 70% of the territory of the municipality (for the most part hereditary, private land) is covered by protected areas and territories. Average for the territory of the European Union is 18% on average for the Republic of Bulgaria is 38.5%. The presence of such a large number of protected areas and territories shows that the population of the municipality of Primorsko only has kept the nature and knows how to do it. European Environment Agency gave excellent of Primorsko municipality for protecting its coastal bathing waters: Kiten beach south beach Primorsko MMC, beach Primorsko south beach Primorsko north beach Arkutino.
In recent years, officials of the Ministry and calling themselves green NGOs found that people from the town are kept nature and konstatatorite took much, much money. Gratitude for those people is drafted an order to ban that will lead to population decline in the region. By bans "change the way of sustainable use" block amending common city plan of Primorsko municipality, containing within itself the prerequisites for the development of sustainable transport - elekromobili, bike lanes, etc. The plan is paid for by Works (by the taxpayer) and provided to the officials of Ministry (receiving salaries from the taxpayer).
Opposition is inhumane and against nature to order the Minister of Environment and Water are sent by the Mayor of Primorsko Mr Germanov and board of NABCH.
On 28.05.2015g. people of Primorsko, supported by NABCH from 10:00 organize protest and block the road Burgas-Tsarevo from 10:45.
Protests are cooked in Razlog reported supporters and members of NABCH the municipality. The municipal council and the municipal leadership have accepted and commissioned a project for a bypass road, a short drive to tourist zone Kulinoto bicycle lane and electric train. These projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint (which is a priority policy for the EU), are boldly crossed by officials of the Ministry in partnership with green racketeers through the draft order for the protected zone "pear". The order contains a prohibition by which the municipality can not implement their environmental projects.
Biodiversity Act is the only one in Europe that allows issuing orders to prohibitions that can not be appealed in court. It used solely blustering ekoreket performed by so proved to be green NGOs.
In England, Wales, Scotland orders zone NATURA 2000 shall be issued. France orders do not contain prohibitions. In Poland each property owner caught in zone Natura 2000, is agreed on measures to protect the government. Such are the provisions of Directives zone NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria is another - and ekoreket haidouk robbing owners.
Draft orders for the protected zone "Ropotamo", "pear", and many others you can see here.
Excellent assessment of the beaches in the municipality of Primorsko you can see here.