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Prof. Hristov for the ecology, "environmentalists" and the dunes

Environmentalists, who are politically engaged, are inherently incompatible with science ecology whereby ecologist must possess not only biology but also physics, chemistry and applied mathematics. These studies are the basis of the ability of the ecologist to navigate and use scientific knowledge to solve global and regional environmental problems.
Placing the task of proving the existence of habitats (opinion of the Commission, if a habitat is several places on the territory of the Member State, then from 20 to 80% to be included in conservation areas. Average Europe is approximately 40%. state Bulgaria has decided to include 110% of the habitat) in the case coastal sand dunes to fulfill the scientific mission is necessarily necessary to involve specialists with different majors to fulfill the essence of the problem, which is associated with the interdisciplinary science ecology.
In the Case of the bungalows camping "South" attitude on the part of experts in botany, to not request the inclusion of experts and other competencies - geologist geomorphology and soil science specialist, shows the surface of their attitude to the task. The Commission has not complied with the wording of sand dunes in par. 1, item 4. by ZUCHK "" Sand dunes "are entities formed by the filling of sand resulting from the interaction of the sea, land and wind ..." It is reported that the main missing element - the sea. These are legitimate and nezaobikolimi reasons that argue that the tasks as part of its presence or not of dunes has not been implemented because it would not have been executed. Not reporting the existence of "the types of ecosystems - natural, agricultural ecosystems and urban ecosystems ..." (gossip, 1986).
The region of the Black Sea and surrounding habitats are landscape entity which covers various links between natural and cultural components created with the participation of the people. Landscape is constantly evolving as a result of the activities of different human societies.
In this context biodiversity has enormous environmental, economic, medical and agro-recreational importance. When we build in this area we should keep in mind the natural resources that are already mapped LBD as protected areas for birds and habitats in protected areas mapped or protected areas. To build so as to develop the economy and to develop agriculture so as to help the environment, restore it and preserve it.
Biodiversity is the human need that must be maintained in the manmade ecosystems (agro-ecosystems and urban ecosystems). It is necessary to bear in mind and evaluate the direction of the development of the Black Sea region to the perfect urban ecosystem. Negative example of "biodiversity" can be used as a weapon to destroy the perfect urban ecosystem is the case with camping "South".
The position of the "Green" is based on the denial of strengthening the existing human activities. This shows a lack of thorough knowledge of ecology.