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Are the concrete slabs built on dunes in  Camping "South"?
Color Mladenova reporter BNT turn directly from camping "South" in "The Day Begins" and said that experts from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences believe that the area has many dunes. The opinion of the representatives of the company, however, is different. Mr. Daniel Rizov, a representative of the investor, stressed that the company for which he works, manages the camp for 15 years and comply strictly with the law. It was clear that the building permit is absolutely legal, also have an assessment of the environmental impact. "We are on a hill, which consists of rocks, there humus and sandy soil, there are trees." It is interesting how these trees grow on dunes commented Rizov.
Another interlocutor Color Mladenova - Denko Moshev - PhD in Soil Science. He explained that the open lower parts of the camp formed by the geomorphological point can not be called dunes, it is sandy or sandy hill shaft.
President of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" Mr. Dimiar Kanarievi stressed that naprivili independent verification that has proved that everything is legal and documents available, there are no dunes.
Source: BNT
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