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NGOs started a petition against the "Burgas-Alexandroupolis"


In Burgas you can signthe petition against the construction of pipe at   "Clock" square.

Hundreds have already signed against the project in Bourgas and Tsarevo.



НПО започна подписка срещу "Бургас-Александруполис", не вярва на „крокодилските сълзи на БСП“

National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" (NABBS) today launched a petition against the Burgas-Alexandroupolis project.

NABBS stand against the construction of the pipeline and warned that if its construction starts Bulgaria will kill tourism sector as it  began to form a more significant part of gross domestic product (GDP) of the country.

NABBS said they do not believe in "crocodile tears BSP" for quitting this large energy project.


"They said they would work for the implementation of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis saw that there is a large public outcry against the project and announced that it withdraw from their program, but we do not believe them!" said by NABBS and reminded that the project registered in the campaign materials  - booklet management program of the BSP.

In Burgas signs are  collecting at "Clock" square, but in Tsarevo - in front  the municipality. In a few hours hundreds of citizens  of both cities signed  the document and stand again the construction of the "Burgas-Alexandroupolis".

On Monday three NGOs protested against the construction of the pipe Square "Troika".