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BAS for the first time explores the full Thracian heritage


BAS received a donation for the research project "The Thracians - genesis and development of ethnic, cultural identities, interactions and civilizational heritage of antiquity"



Large-scale project of BAS for the first time explores the complete and complex Thracian heritage. The focus of the study is the continuity of the gene pool. We at the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" BAS admire and donors about the idea and implementation of this proekt.Predostavyame your information published on the website of the Academy.


Darenie of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to support the project "Thracians - genesis and development of ethnic, cultural identities, interactions and civilizational heritage of antiquity" by Dr Eng. Dobrin Ivanov. The contract for donation of 200,000 lev was signed on October 20, 2016 in the office of the President of BAS Acad. Stefan Vodenitcharov. This is the second major donation that is made to work on the draft Thracians, then Mr. Peter Mandzhukov at the beginning of the year.
Dr. Eng. Dobrin Ivanov was a researcher at the Institute of Electronics - BAS, owner of an investment company and a company with professional development and experience in the field of high technologies, technology transfer and marketing of high-tech products, machinery and equipment . "I am honored to be here and I am convinced that without what makes Bulgarian Science and without successive steps in the knowledge that we would not have the present and the future, which is our young generation," said Dr. Eng. Dobrin Ivanov in the preparation of academy diploma donation. President of BAS Acad. Stefan Vodenitcharov and handed him a diploma for his support of the BAS research Thracian heritage.
1003Proektat obshtoakademichnata is the first project that brings together 27 research units of BAS (22 institutes and laboratories 5) with the participation of universities and research centers from Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. For the first time Thracian heritage investigate thoroughly and complex. The focus of the research is to establish continuity in the gene pool of the use of the new opportunities that provide science microbiology, mulekulyarna biology, paleobotany, paleobiologiya, genetics, organic and inorganic chemistry, arheogeologiya, astronomy, Metal, etc., As well as new technological developments in field of the documentation of cultural heritage. DNA analysis applied to the established authentic bone material.
In close cooperation with the humanities, and especially with Thracology, art history and cultural anthropology, the results of complex research will allow to carry out a qualitative leap in our knowledge of the Thracian ethnos and culture as it has long done for other ancient peoples.
Ceremony of donation was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Acad. Damyan Damyanov, ch. Scientific Secretary prof. Evdokia Pasheva, Advisor to the Chairman Corr. Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, prof. Valeria Fol the Institute for Balkan Studies with Centre of Thracian Studies, prof. Nikolay Spasov, Director of the National Museum of Natural History and Assoc. Prof. Georgi Nekhrizov from the National Archaeological Institute with Museum Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


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