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Letter to Laura Ingraham (Fox News) from NABBS, March 29.2020  
Dear Laura,

Congratulations on your personal and television FOX humane information and publicity policies! Our comment on your show since March 19 with guest Michael Schellenberger: You and your guest have missed the fact that if the planet is in such a severe environmental condition as climate activists claim, then it can no longer show great signs of recovery in 2-3 months. The shortest life cycle of a plant is 1 year. Not to mention the fish one. They had always been in the canals of Venice, but now because of the lack of boats and ships, people saw them. :) As always, climate activists are lying. They used to lie that the industry is killing the climate, and now they are lying that stopping the industry is treating the climate. Without industry, there will be famine, chaos and death. If such mortal times are allowed, neither the climate extremist nor their children will pass away. What kind of climate and nature will we inherit if humanity is no longer present? The so-called climate activists have not a mental problem, but a psychiatric one.

Apart from you, as a media, we at NABBS admire your President Trump for his pragmatic, humane and successful policy.
Best regards from Bulgaria