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Again we will count the nature in our private properties

Again we will count the nature in our private properties for BGN 17 mln with VAT



The European taxpayer, including us, the Bulgarians, we have reached again in our pocket to have a nature count according to the European directives regulating NATURA 2000. The count of BGN 17 million with the VAT of natural habitats, plants, animals and birds should to show what is currently on our land and property.


The Executive Environment Agency (EEA), which will hand over the money to the selected winner for the assessment of the state of nature in Bulgaria, according to NADR, acts on "... no considerations ..." (quote from comrade Todor Zhivkov). The consortium "ENVIMON" with the front-line company "Portfolio Project Management" EAD is accepted for participation in the competition. A publication has already been published in the media that in 2015 this company, in association with companies of the Blagoevgrad leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party and experts appointed to pay the IBEI, has caged BGN 5.1 million with VAT in order to draw up a Plan to Rila National Park is managed. There is no plan, but the money has expired as intended. Strange why the meteorologists apply the principle "money does not work", and for nature-counting specialists money money.

In consortium "ENVIMON", specialists are invited to come from Serbia and Greece. Serbia is not yet a member of the EU, there NATURA 2000 is not there, but to tell us why not invite the Serbs. Bulgaria is liberal and democratic!

The order is divided into three distinct positions:

(1) For "Analyzes and studies of habitat types and types". There are two candidates: 1. ENVIRONMENT CONSORTIUM Consortium composed of: Portfolio Project Management EOOD (Bulgaria), Iloriki KO (Greece), Euro Link & Co OOD (Bulgaria), Lever Development Consultants AD Greece), Biological Research Institute SINISHA STANOVIC, Belgrade University (Serbia), and 2. DIKON - UBA NATURA Trade Association (Consortium), composed of Dicon Group Ltd. (Bulgaria) and Umweltbundessamt GMBH (Federal Environmental Agency environment, Austria).
Have you heard in Austria that there is a conflict between nature and the development of winter ski resorts? How do the Austrians and the lamb do it and the wolf sieve ?!


(2) "Analyzes and studies of bird species in Bulgaria". There are three candidates: 1. ENVIRONMENT CONSORTIUM Consortium composed of: Portfolio Project Management EOOD (Bulgaria), Iloriki KO (Greece), Eurolink & Co OOD (Bulgaria), Lever Development Consultants AD Greece), Institute for Biological Research "SINISHA STANOVICCH" at Belgrade University (Serbia); 2. DIKON-PARTICYP Trade Consortium, composed of Dicon Group EOOD (Bulgaria) and Particip GmbH (Germany). In Germany, much of NATURA 2000 is managed by property owners. In Bulgaria, at this stage of state-minded thinking, this does not happen. The owner is nobody, and he is obliged to protect and to donate, and in his property are handed down a pyramid (appropriate for the case of Turks) environmentalists. 3. ENVEKO SA (Greece).


(3) "Control and Validation of the Results of the Analyzes and Studies of the Species and Natural Habitats in Bulgaria". Birds are also included. For this position, the candidates, the competition and the results of the decision of the commission to the EEA are secretly veiled! There are no records, there are no announced candidates, there is nothing but a title! You've probably already figured out why. This position will select the surveyors of the contractors of the nature analysis. Most likely, these verifiers will be secret agents. This is the second reason NADC to consider that the EEA and the committee elected by it act on "... no considerations ...". Balkan job!


We officially invite the Executive Environment Agency for:
1. Do not place orders on companies that have taken money and have not done the job. The ordinary person will be chased by the NRA to a grave to pay his debts to the state, at the same time companies have taken 5.1 million and unfinished work to be allowed to take another 17 million leva. If the EEA has not understood which the company is also a consortium, it can refer to the MOEW, it may ask Rila National Park Directorate and, as a last resort, it may also ask NABBS;

2. To answer publicly and clearly why the public does not appear, who has applied and may even have won the separate position for Controlling and Validating the Results of the Analyzes and Studies of the Birds, Species and Natural Habitats in Bulgaria. This mystery that exists at the moment raises the suspicion that there must be certain controllers for certain winners of the other two positions.


The State urgently adopts the NATURA 2000 Zone Management Approach, which is managed and owned by the owners. Politicians should not say "no political will". Across Europe except Bulgaria and Romania, NATURA is managed by owners with the help of specialists - biologists, zoologists and environmentalists.


Now a lot of money will be given to assess nature in Bulgaria. It is obligatory for the owner to be informed when his property is being examined and to explain to the owner what the benefit is that he has preserved nature. If the benefit is to others, let others benefit from it. Free cheese has only a trap for mice !!!