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Ekoreketyori call for protest against chief prosecutor

Protest invite smugglers of cigarettes, drug smugglers and pickpockets to complete the picture.
In organizations "To steal Coral," "To steal Karadere" and coalition "Do not people remain in Bulgaria" for days on social networks calling to organize a protest today against the Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov and his censure. Another, much insistently demanded the resignation of Attorney General, was the man who wanted to count dolphins to 3.6 million lev, who wants to privatize the Association of Parks in Bulgaria and who was an active participant in organized protests in early 2014. against an enforceable court decision in connection with the general development plan of Tsarevo Municipality. Violation of the Law protested against the attorney general. Why?
Provide images of "conservation" organization "To steal Coral." Currently Coral Beach as advertised for ekoplazh, is buried in garbage, "environmentalists" are piled dunes with their cars, while others invaded foreign lands "environmentalists" sow garbage and stench. The same is happening and not just Karadere but another 20 habitat divakuvashi on the Bulgarian coast. Nature destroys in order ekomafiyata ask much money to protect nature.
We at the National Association "Black Sea" hope justice minister Hristo Ivanov is not connected with mafia networks "Ekoreket 2000" and has nothing to do with the aforementioned savvy to the idea of ​​reform of the justice system.
Prosecutor Mr Tsatsarov hope to have time to read the signal NABCH to it tabled today.
Political parties to take and decide who runs the country - NGOs or selected legitimate elections political parties?
The protest is a democratic tool, but the society must be very careful and always gives his answer WHO organized a protest and WHO Economic Media will be supported?