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Family-friendly circle gutted EU funds and state budget

The son of Marin and circle "Capital" siphoned millions through ecological projects


Family-friendly circle for ten years gutted EU funds and state budget


The lack of money in the state for welfare payments and pensions for years, always raises the question - "Why is it so." The answer is certainly not the only one. There are many channels that money flow, today we found one of them. At a press conference activists of association "eco-program" gave information about activities related circle "Capital" persons, some claiming to be "green" structures and political party. Association President Boris Angelov determine the activity of these people with the concept of "green octopus."

It all began in 1999, the center of government of Ivan Kostov. Then the head of the park "Vitosha" was appointed Thomas Belev. He became suddenly ecologist, chairman of "Green Balkans" a little later, a member of the party "green" and president of the Association of Parks in Bulgaria.

Another eco-organization - "Natura 2000" stands at the center of events. It works Simeon -sinat Vice President Parvanov - Angel Marin. Here is Andrey Kovachev, leader of the circle "Capital" - PP "Green". In another related to ecology organization - WWF, the wives - Merry Kavrakova - Thomas Belev and Catherine Rakovska - Andrey Kovachev.

Not missing and brother Andrew - Petko Kovachev, who is one of the ideologists of the group in the field of ecology. In this composition the group developed feverish activity, creating more than 50 associations and organizations that cover the whole country.

They managed to infiltrate virtually all ministries have to absorb money in various European programs. It's not difficult at best connections of people Prokopiev with the government of Kostov. After all, that's what government established economic base of publishers otherwise modest before 1997 newspaper "Capital" by privatizing several industries and winery.

So they basically can influence the decisions of all state structures regarding the approval of projects to be financed with EU funds. On the other hand, can be routed to the "right" beneficiaries of European budget funds for various environmental projects.

And it begins. Instead of money for environmental projects to provide BAS and Sofia University, who have the capacity and people to meet them, they are provided by private environmental organization "Green Balkans". Moreover, talking about big sums - € 3,000,000 home association under EU funding in MEW 3 million lev gets it from EMEA. Or total in this private association pour about nine million lev.

Family-friendly home round this money with the help of state institutions and possibly by lobbying the responsible for the allocation of resources persons. Perhaps this is the fact that at that time Vice Presidential son Simeon Marin, representative of the NGO receives office on the third floor of one ministry - Ministry.

Then make a map in "Natura 2000", which covered 35% of the country, including all areas and places where he could develop business. So almost all investors interested in building sports and tourist sites placed under the dependence of environmentalists.

Meanwhile, do not waste time and in the financial affairs of the circle around Simeon Marin kapitaltsi - disbursement another 8 million lev for "monitoring". The government of Ivan Kostov and Simeon Saxe-Coburg go, but what about the family and circle of friends do not change.

In the triple coalition golden rain over their bodies continues. Eg for Natural Park "Vitosha" led by Thomas Belev than the annual budget of 200 hiyaldi lev, pouring another 578,000 reported as money for "meetings, trips, events." And provide an additional 2 million lev for shelters and hiking trails of Mount Vitosha, which, according to Angelov, can be found today in the mountains.

And this is insufficient, and MEW leave another 1.29 million lev for cultural activities in the park. In the same period in the mountain spring illegal buildings, some of which, notwithstanding the provisions of NCSD and even though judgments for their demolition. Build and houses of oligarchs in the mountains. During this period after the appearance of bark beetles, more than 500 acres of forest of Vitosha are threatened with destruction.

During this time, the tentacles of the "Green octopus" cover all ministries that deal with the distribution of EU funds. According to the "eco-program" the Ministry of Agriculture under Axis 2 permanent working group is chaired by Rossen Vassilev, who is part of the "Green Balkans" through his foundation "Biodiversity".

The members of this working group are also members of "Green Balkans" - Milena Stefanova Dikova and Faith. In the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme "Transport" is Daniel Popov, an activist of "green several associations related to the group. His position is particularly important because it could make any claims and requirements for builders of highways and probutva trusted consultants of "octopus" people.

OP "Environment" is striving Rakovska Catherine, the wife of Andrey Kovachev from the GOP "Green". This explains perhaps the fact that all funds under Axis 3 "Biodiversity", instead of the municipalities and NGOs are given to state structures in MEW and EFA where Greens have relatives or partners.

They have their people even in the OP "Human Resources" at the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. All this diverse and apparently quite profitable activity is supported media, and it actively editions of the group "Capital". But nowhere in their environmental criticisms and comments to various investors and proceedings will not find a word for "Kaolin" and caused him damage to the environment and human health, according to the "eco-program."

Another taboo is the gold mining industry, probably because Ivo Prokopiev Consul of Canada and the concessionaire company of the gold deposits is also Canadian.

This scheme works flawlessly for over 10 years and has brought its creators millions of concluded by the association. The bad thing is that in this case casts doubt at all on the work of environmentalists to protect Bulgarian nature and that of people who have used "green idea" for gutted of money that could be done to the environment in us.