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Free campsite and nature conservation


Free Camping and Nature Conservation - this is the subject of the "Local Time" broadcast on BNT2 from 06.07.2017




Anastas Trendafilov, mayor of Byala Municipality, Emmanuel Manolov, Mayor of Avren Municipality and Stoyan Pasev, District Governor of Varna District, voiced a strong stand against the wild campsite before the BNT2 leader.This damages municipalities and nature.


A Bulgarian resident living in Spain is returning specially to Bulgaria to win wild championships because in Spain this is forbidden. This is also prohibited in all EU countries.

Mayor of Byala, Anastas Trendafilov, said he did not agree to legalize the illegal. This statement is about the suggestion of a savage, the municipalities to give tickets to the savage.


Avren Municipality Mayor Emanuil Manolov said he does not agree with jeeps and caravans being massively on sandy beaches and destroying the dunes.


District Governor of Stara Zagora, Stoyan Passev, said that the state should help the municipalities to build camps with the appropriate sanitary and hygienic conditions in them.


Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Simeonov said that legislative changes should be made to end the wild campsite, because the mayors and those living on the Black Sea coast do not want wild-booming - highly polluting and not paying anything.




You can see the whole show here:

Source: BNT2, "Local Time" - 06.07.2017

Photo of the post: NABBS