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Greens cook "shot" of over 25,000 heirs

A showdown of more than 25,000 heirs in the Kavarna,
Balchik and Shabla
municipalities has prepared the highly reactive green NGOs,
known as the green octopus

NABBS got a draft of a terrible command prepared by the reactionary green. This order, the Minister of Environment and Water, should be forced to sign. It prohibits any construction. It is possible only to reconstruct existing objects (to change your joinery if you did not emigrate when you read the order). Plowing, afforestation and the establishment of permanent crops, fruit and vegetable crops, grain legumes and all kinds of agricultural crops are prohibited.
Breathing is not forbidden, they have clearly forgotten that people emit carbon dioxide, which has changed the climate. The ban is because there was interest in investing in the region. Reaction greens have rushed to "help" the government, as quickly as possible to expel any investor who allowed himself to invest money in those municipalities. These prohibitions would preserve the greatest contraption of the Romanian-Bulgarian green octopus, as the Ponto-Sarmatian steppes habitat. Such an "animal" only exists in North and South Dobrudja, but close to the sea (to its very coast). Nothing that the Sarmatian tribes lived "only" 5,000 years ago and inhabited the then steppes of today's Ukraine. Adding the name "Pontos" (the Greek old name of the Black Sea) and the credited sound of the unknown Ponto-Sarmatian steppes. Most common pasture, but with a modern name.


This anti-Bulgarian policy will also help the Ministry of Tourism, which in any way refuses to stop the settlement of the Northern Black Sea coast with savages instead of supporting the development of tourism in this region. Naturally, the order lacks a ban on savages on the "unique" Ponto-Sarmatian steppes.
Evidence that the MOEW should be blackmailed at any cost is also the following press release:

"The first three months of the cabinet and parliament - the ruin of Bulgarian nature and the suppression of civil society
Press conference of the coalition of non-governmental organizations and groups "For the Nature to Stay in Bulgaria" -....
Among the topics concerned will be:
- the changes in the Administrative Procedure Code, the Environmental Protection Act and the Concessions Act,
- the dangerous ideas for management and monitoring of the European ecological network "Natura 2000" and of the Operational Program "Environment",
- the plans of Primorsko and Sapareva Banya,
- the project for a new management plan for Pirin National Park.
Participants: Toma Belev - Association of Parks in Bulgaria,
Andrey Ralev - Balkan Wildlife Society,
Katerina Rakovska - WWF, and others. "


And why do so, the answer is contained in one of the announced topics for the press conference - the dangerous ideas for management and monitoring of the European ecological network Natura 2000 and of the Operational Program "Environment". They want to manage property that is not theirs - NATURA 2000 protected areas that are owned by state, municipalities, individuals and legal entities, as well as having the money of the Operational Program "Environment". During the period 2007 - 2013, 800,000,000.00 (eight hundred million) leva were used. Now the new programming period begins and frantically screaming to raise the new hundreds of millions of leva.
P.S. After NABBS received the terrible order yesterday, a representative of NADP tried to understand the opinion of the MOEW. We did not receive any information. The Minister was on leave.
We apply a photocopy of the order.