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Mayors screamed aboutracketeering ! "Bivol"-ski bats in action!


"Bivol" Pokey with racketeering mayors

Mascara them with articles if you do not hire a PR agency to half of Asen Yordanov

Mayors getting even threatening emails and SMS-s

Source: Agency Monitor - Thursday, 05-11-2015 - 13:13 (updated)
Photo of the publication: newspaper Politika
Photos in the publication: Agency Monitor
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With rackets scheme, which would envy even gangsters of the most aggressive part of the transition, chasing mayors t. Pomegranate. Site investigations "Buffalo." It acts on the principle of 'pay, or they mascara. " They already burned several mayors of seaside communities, which fought two self-styled journalists behind the website - Assen Yordanov and Atanas Chobanov. The reason is that mayors have refused to succumb to the pressure and thus became a target to denigrate them articles in "Buffalo". This investigation showed the agency "Monitor". It was confirmed by the re-elected mayor of Pomorie Ivan Alexiev, who is also a victim of extortion in question.
The scheme is the following -dvamata sent to the respective mayor, who intend to protection racket for money, half of Assen Yordanov Alberta Alkalay. As already Agency "Monitor" wrote Alkalaj owner of PR agency "Image Advertising"
specializes in errands
namely on the southern coast, where vortices Jordanov Chobanov. At the meeting with the mayor in question gentle bat "Buffaloes" offer allows collaboration always including the same - an image of the municipal council and personally - to the mayor. If you decide target (there are cases of mayors who agreed to "collaborate" with "buffalo" - author) reject the offer, the result is also unchanged - cannonade of articles slandered against that person, circulated by pages. The practice operates in years.