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The first meeting of the Public Council at the Ministry


On April 8, from 15 am. In the building of the Ministry in Sofia was held the first meeting of the Public Council at the Ministry on the theme "Access to information and interaction."


The meeting was broadcast online in real time. To participate were invited representatives of all stakeholders, the most numerous was the presence of NGOs.
National Association "Black Sea" was also among the invited and attended the meeting.
We can briefly summarize the results of the meeting as follows:
There was a good start to the information interaction between the new leadership of the Ministry and non-governmental organizations defending the interests of Bulgarian citizens.
For a first meeting there was much to be said most of the statements were not focused on the subject and were in a critical spirit, which is understandable since the previous leadership of the Ministry is not actively communicating with people on topical and pressing issues.
From their side was committed to an open and intense flow of information to Bulgarian citizens and will use different forms to allow all interested parties to be informed in time.
Our brief statement, due to time constraints, was positive critical spirit. We welcomed the initiative of the Ministry to conduct such meetings. We raised the issue of lack of information on as yet unapproved by the Ministry general plans of Pomorie, Nesebar and Sozopol and received immediate verbal response that they are offered for public discussion. As soon will receive a written reply.
We used the opportunity to speak briefly on another topical and extremely important for our cities question:
Our relationships with some of the so-called. "Green" groups who want and are doing everything possible to concentrate on themselves the power to decide how municipalities and land owners to dispose of their property.
We expressed the opinion that these organizations, which to us are not "green" and "brown" have some influence over MEW and that there have been tolerated and hidden arrangements between them and the Ministry.
Firmly stated that Pomorie, Nesebar and Sozopol are ancient towns survived over time in all conditions and authorities, and that over millennia have coped without ministries and authorities.