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Toma Belev uses "Bivol"

"Bivol" a bat for green recket


Ordered his critics in emails site immediately "bites"

Sustainable circuit media extortion, harassment and vilification have built the tentacles of the octopus Green Toma Belev and company and presenter for "moral corrective" site "Bivol"

This scour by mail, which agency "Monitor" has. He proves that so. Called. "Green" act in combination with "Bivol" Asen Yordanov and Atanas Chobanov, the first play the role of guarantor, and the second - to bat against their opponents. The purpose of the whole conspiracy is to shut the mouths of those who dare to confront the self-proclaimed environmentalists or their plans to any appeal by another million, an ostensibly environmental activities. Their vilification campaign continues until Candice targets to stop fighting against Belev and company. And if they do not become victims of even more massive attack.
So far, the targets of the tandem between "green" and "Bivol" have become some organizations, who complain of that green racketeering, but specific email is one of them - the National Association "Black Sea". Formation that of its existence, has several times bring out lobbying scandals protagonists Thomas Belev and his ortaka Andrey Kovachev.
That mail is from April 7 this year, as its author is a member of the leadership of the Association "Green Balkans" Elena Tilova. The letter is addressed precisely to Belev, and a site built by the network around him - "econovinite bluelink" and serving the interests of "good" environmentalists. Now is the time to clarify the division of good and bad may not correspond to the truth, but it is done by itself Tilova that in his letter attached showing alternative eco-organization that keeps the interests of the "Green Balkans" and environmentalists Belev .
The file, which records information on founders, members, etc. Their opponents, called a euphonious Loshite-1.doc and has a size of 8 pages. In your email Tileva complained that once already requested the "Bivol" to "bite" National Association "Black Sea", but Yordanov and Chobanov have not done a particularly good job. "Some time ago I prayed  "Bivol" to deal with the investigation of these two organizations, but then obviously not" bait ". It was better then and there to expose, but as they reached our forces "reflect your mail it. Accidentally or more precisely reminded of it on the same day of "Buffalo" published an article opposite the National Association "Black Sea". It is the second in a week. On March 28, 2015 "Buffalo" published its first investigation directed against the association, but by e-mail to Tilova shows that it clearly was not enough Liked by environmentalists and had the site to "repair" a second article because the first failed in the task to make "Black Sea" to shut up.

A little background

The reason for the second dose media attack against the "Black Sea" is actually calling the association to report on so-called. Green octopus composed of dozens of organizations that although declare that they are independent, are actually interconnected. Including kinship (see box).
The day Tileva places your email to Belev, a few hours earlier, the National Association "Black Sea" (NABCH) announces that it has uncovered a "hot mail", which will receive signals for all forms of blackmail exercised by psevdoekolozi. Furthermore, the NGO complaint with the prosecutor that the investigation into media reports of eco-organization - Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB), which took € 80,000 to not interfere with the construction of the hotel. Event Tracking shows that despite everything and defaming the second article, created by "Buffalo" against the association does not give effect and thus continue to struggle against Belev & Co.


In June of the "Black Sea" urged Thomas Belev immediately be divested of membership position in the interdepartmental commission for environmental assessments to the Supreme Expert Environmental Council in the Ministry, warning that otherwise would personally approach the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.
In its appeal of the association also reminded that because of t. Pomegranate. Ecologist, who headed long park "Vitosha" beetle bark beetles destroy almost all spruce forests in the mountains. Separately - again according to the association, despite an explicit decision of the Supreme Belev continued to present Chairman of the Board of "Association of Parks in Bulgaria", although it represented illegally seven years. And participated in the writing of management plans for parks "Belasitsa" and "Bulgarian", which were rejected by the Supreme Environmental Expert Council as "incompetent." "These are just a few compelling reasons why Thomas Belev should be dropped from the ranking" adamant are the authors of the open letter, supplementing: "Obviously for it is extremely important that crept state sluzhbichka. Maybe thus more easily able to halt the environmental, investment and other plans and projects. " Recalling also that his union "Dolphin" in 2013 wanted to count dolphins against 3.5 mln. Levs without holding a competition for the contract. After the scandal broke, the order was stopped and declared competition. So Belev losses appetizing 3.5 million. Lev who wanted to gobble and the company that was chosen to perform the task price down by more than a third.

Green, green ...

"Green, green, once you have all the money in green ...." sang over a decade ago folk music singer Ina. 90s irretrievably gone, but the company about Belev has long been discovered that can brings millions of psevdoekologichni projects and profess the maxim that the important thing is not to protect nature and green to give money.
Even the cost of replacing mutrenskiya bats since the transition to psevdozhurnalisticheski articles produced by "buffaloes" Asen Yordanov and Atanas Chobanov. Presentation of investigations, they are not really anything different from media campaigning beater in the back of people dared to confront the Octopus. Now is the time to note that, according to public information for this programming period 2020 money earmarked for biodiversity are 200 million. A huge bite to which is headed precisely gang around Green octopus passing through the position in interdepartmental Commission for environmental assessments.


Investigating agency "Monitor" also showed that green racketeering far only practiced by Asen Yordanov and Atanas Chobanov. Now is still debatable who first inspired scheme - whether it comes from "green" or "buffalo" but Yordanov and Chobanov use the site to bully and representatives of local authorities in the Black Sea, which proved to be not particularly susceptible to their attempts to offer their services for a fee. Details of this scheme coming within days.
And gobble project
5 mln. Swiss francs
Persistence Thomas Belev continue to be illegally present head of the Association of Parks in Bulgaria despite two explicit judgments proving that it is not legitimate head of the organization actually has a logical explanation. From 2013 - a year after his release from the post, the association engine project for almost 5 million. Swiss francs. It has a catchy name 'Connecting nature conservation with sustainable rural development ", and funding comes under the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme through the Fund for reform. He explains the impressive amount of stubbornness Belev to manage the project. Another issue is how it is possible at all in the country to allow such arbitrariness. Moreover, millions are far from the only reason the face of the Green octopus refuses to step down power in the association. According to a publication in the newspaper. "Trud" between 2007 and 2010. Parks Association has acquired a significant number of real estate, it is not clear where the funding comes for them or for what purpose were bought.

Built illegally island for 700,000 Levs

A year ago, "Green Balkans" turned out to be in the throes of another ekoskandal and - according to publications Belev and company have built an artificial island in the protected Pomorie Lake on European projects that have harvested 700 000 lev. Local izgazitsata jumped on the grounds that the lake falls within the "Natura 2000" and the island with an area of ​​4 acres somehow is raised without the mandatory environmental assessment. In a unique natural phenomenon are dumped tons of earth and gravel embankment and is further strengthened with huge canvases plastic mesh and synthetic textiles, which is absolutely unacceptable. "Green Balkans" are built on the lake and a huge building with 300 sq. M area. In documents she leads a center for bird watching. For the construction organization Toma Belev had collected a 1 million and 380 960 lev GEF. The account shows that masonry has cost in 4700 lev for each square meter, or 10 times more than normal. "Green Balkans" won a total of 5 projects Pomorie Lake totaling nearly 7 million. Lev For some of them were striking duplication of the same activities, which is prohibited under EU rules because it is considered a form of cheating and siphoning money.

Chobanov was the leader euro list of them

The love of money, moreover, are not the only unifying link between Green octopus and "bulls". Connects them and attempt to master the political positions to allow easier to pass interests. Front Atanas Chobanov European elections was the leader of the list of PP "Green". Party leader is Andrey Kovachev, whose wife Catherine Rakovska is the person responsible for the application and management of EU projects, which are part associations around the "Green Balkans". Hiking and Nature of "greens" and Atanas Chobanov to the European Parliament, of course, failed miserably, but their campaign was in history with innovation. They were exposed by the media that are luring people to sign for the euro list of GOP "Green" with loud appeals for the salvation of Rila, Vitosha and Strandzha. So voters would put paraffin, thinking that they support the campaign for the salvation of nature here. PP "Green" is indeed close to the circle and "Capital" Ivo Prokopiev, as joined forces in protests against the front office. Partnership between Belev Kovachev and Prokopiev far not stop there. Often than "Buffalo" and the publications of "Economedi" Prokopiev act as media clubs in favor of the interests of the Green octopus.


Source: Agency Monitor, 07.10.2015