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                                            TURNED BIA IN RADICAL GREEN  NGO?
Representative of the Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) - an association of employers in Bulgaria whose members are business entities registered under the Commerce Act, an association of employers in Bulgaria with a share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), presented an opinion comparable to the opinions of the Green NGOs. President of BIA is Sasho Dontchev, CEO and co-owner of Overgas Inc, a company that intermediates between the company of Russian Federation "Gazprom" and the Bulgarian company "Bulgargas" for supply of natural gas in Bulgaria.

Mr. Donchev also supports the coalition that has catastrophic in the elections between Greens, PP Bulgaria, and Deos PP.

On 13.07.2017, a new workshop was held at MOEW to discuss approaches for the management of NATURA 2000 sites. During the debates of the previous two meetings, two types of opinions were outlined by the participants in the working group - the consortium implementing the project, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Waters, NABC, non-governmental organizations, branch organizations and others.

The opinion of the majority of the participants is the Ministry of Environment and Waters, in addition to preserving the biodiversity to take into account the donors of this biodiversity - the owners of properties falling within the protected areas. Such properties are also owned by BIA members as legal entities.

At the second level, the government should be in the districts of the districts, at this level being principals of the district governors, observing the above principles. A key role in this management to play and the scientific institutes. It is a decentralized approach which, with the help of scientific data, preserves the biodiversity and creates conditions for the financial prosperity of the people living in the protected areas, including the economic enterprises owned by members of BIA.
The opinion of the handful of extremely green NGOs is that the management is to be carried out by the MoEW and its structures - RIEW, with a key role to play in the coalition of the "Green" NGO. It is deliberately excluded that owners have ownership of properties that are in a Natura 2000 protected area. Green NGOs do not own property, donate biodiversity and do not produce biodiversity, but only beneficiaries of European and Bulgarian finances For biodiversity. During the previous programming period 2007-2014, the group of green NGOs is up to 405 000 000,00 Euros (almost 800 million leva). This approach is strictly centralized and represents semi-nationalization of properties - during the communist period, the cooperative farms Labor cooperative farms). And the role of the BCP, then governing the cooperative farms, is now being implemented by the Green NGO coalition.

The green statement of the BIA representative provoked one of the participants in the working group to ask whether BIA has changed its statute and is already a radical NGO. In his statement, the representative of BIA had no say about joining the management of members of BIA in NATURA 2000 areas. On the contrary, the speech focused on the absolution of the state power.

Do the members of BIA know that their authorized representative speaks those suggestions related to biodiversity that contain ideas of nationalization.

Is this opinion whether it was suggested by Mr. Sasho Donchev (TZUM-gate not to become MOEW-gate) or agreed with the management board of BIA? If the first is true, can it be assumed that Mr. Donchev is trying to use the oldest (after 1989) employer organization for his personal political bias, in order to replace the legitimately elected authorities with unrepresented in parliament Political parties plus favorite NGOs without holding parliamentary elections? If the second is true, then BIA has no place in the national tripartite co-operation council (Council of Ministers, employers' organizations and trade unions).
The society does not know, but BIA members need to know whether they are participating in an organization that has taken a nationalization course in Bulgaria and to confirm or rethink their membership.
We are deeply respected by BIA members and for this reason through the media we inform them about the position expressed by their authorized representative in the working group at MOEW discussing the approaches to management of Natura 2000 protected areas.

We inform them also that until 15.07.2017 (including), the participants in the working group including BIA have to submit written opinions on the way of management of the Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria, Bolshevik or Democratic!

There is a danger that, however much they are concerned about nature, no matter how they respect the environmental norms, the business and ownership of the members of BIA in NATURA 2000 areas will be managed by their favorite NGOs and will be gradually nationalized (transfer of private property to state for a fee or for free).
14.07.2017, Friday
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