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Everyone will be able to check property in the Natura 2000

By the end of the year everyone will be with the number of your property to see if falls within the Natura 2000.



This will be done through a single information system for protected areas of ecological network.


It will provide information and what modes for property and general data about the location and status of protected areas.

 The project will allow better management of protected areas in the country and will centralize previously fragmented and difficult process information, it became clear at a conference on development and its implementation.

 The system is worth 1.324 million lev, with 1.125 million lev are from the European Regional Development Fund, and the rest from the state budget through the Operational Programme "Environment", reported BTA and Thursday.

 Malina Krumova, head of the Operational Programme in the Ministry of Environment and Water, explained that the information system has been developed and is currently being tested. It will be released by the end of the year.

"The idea is to develop a platform in which to take data from other projects for mapping of habitats and protected areas and species that are protected in them. We will add data from investment plans approved in 2007 and any other data from different departments, "explained Krumova.

 According to her, thus improving of the possibility of the administration of the regional structures of the Ministry, MAF and other bodies to make better decisions for the conservation of species and habitats in protected areas.

 The system will be generally available for both the administration and the property owners, investors and institutions. It will allow an overall assessment of the impact that will have investment intentions in the protected zone.

Just over 34% of the territory included in the Natura 2000 network.
 Thus, our country ranks second in the EU after Slovenia 39%.