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Assoc. of Parks-dealings without legitimacy and responsibility?


The Court: T. Belev illegitimate manages Parks Association


Source:. "Trud" from 10.04.2016g.

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Photos of publication: newspaper Trud


Toma Belev lost consecutive court case and again proved that manages illegitimate Association of Parks in Bulgaria. This is evident from the decision of the Sofia City Court, which declared illegitimate general meeting of the Association of Parks, held on 26.07.2014, respectively all decisions, including the choice of a representative association Toma Belev become officially illegitimate.


News of managerial chaos Association of Parks in Bulgaria is not new, as the Supreme Administrative Court has twice been proclaimed Belev ineligible representative of the organization in cases 16780/2013 and 11721/2014. By association Belev was lodged with over 150 documents in the Supreme, despite the invalidity his slow realization of public and private investment for years.


As "Trud" wrote, the capture of the Association of Parks in Bulgaria starts before 13, when all directorates of natural parks are founders, like T. Belev was elected Chairman of the Board as a director of the park "Vitosha". After losing Belev competition director in 2011-2012, rank last, he refused to leave the leadership of the association. Instead, he managed in collaboration with staff of the Executive Forest Agency during the government of Plamen Oresharski to remove almost all members of nature and national parks, and to replace them with individuals, mostly his personal friends and former employees.


So now four years T. Belev sole dispose of all property, finance and prestige of the Association of Parks in Bulgaria without its legitimate representative. Only one of the projects in which the association participates is over 8.5 million lev and it officially participated journalists BTV and "Capital" newspaper. Hardly a coincidence that green NGOs receive strong media support is from these two media.


"Trud" will refer questions to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the Executive Forest Agency to clarify the position of the state on the illegitimacy of the ruling Association of Parks in Bulgaria and the fact that almost all the parks have already left the organization. There is also the question of what is the legitimacy of Thomas Belev in many state boards and discussions in which he is appointed and invited in his capacity as illegitimate representative of the association.