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Banned the wild camping

National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" supports the MPs today banned camping on beaches. Categorically state should not allow wild camping in areas that are private, municipal and state property and is located 100 m. From the beach. There will not be able to park and wild camping site. The term "camping" should be extended as soon as possible in the Tourism Act to stop the indiscriminate placing sleeping bags on the beaches.
On the beaches Kara Dere and Irakli Coral will be a ban on conducting business, so there will be a ban on parking and camping outside authorized places in the area "A". Zone 'A' covers the beach and 100 m. Behind it or if there is no beach - 100 m. Offshore, outside the settlements. Thus protect the beaches and properties of tones garbage and sewage. This is useful for nature.
Today, few people from pressure groups protected by the "For the Nature in Bulgaria" groomed anti environmentally protestche told parliament. They hysterically insisted not to prohibit wild camping and digging septic tanks because you liked them and whether conservation activities. MPs are not bound to ridiculous arguments.
The protection of beaches make a step forward in protecting them to not contaminate protected areas of rubbish, syringes, drugs, campfires and more. Dunes and protection of beaches occurs when upon them parked there indiscriminately and placed tents and caravans.