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BGN16 951 50 with VAT are given for counting nature in Bulgaria!

BGN 16 951 500 with VAT are given for counting nature in Bulgaria!


Everything is included - birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, plants, steppes, meadows, whether it falls into your property or state property. So far, the green nature conservationists have been counting nature for us. The result is that people who have preserved nature in order to be counted are the most guilty and economic economic genocide - from infants to retired people.

Again, "Green environmentalists" have shifted! Are they taking protests to keep Pirin? Will there be merrakis from Pirin's protesters to assimilate BGN 16,951,500? Is the protest against the second booth in Bansko not part of a plan to absorb BGN 16 951 500 for counting nature?

Since August, the Executive Environment Agency has announced an order worth BGN 16,951,500 for the selection of a contractor to give us .... nature. The preparation for this order by the Environmental Executive Agency started well before September 2017. Whether the criteria were developed jointly with the Green Mafia remains a secret. It is a fact that in the same month of August, the green octopus aggressively forced the MOEW to jointly count the Pontic Sarmatian steppes. About 3,000 owners ... numbered ... the steppes so that people were virtually devoid of property, and the green mafia did not return the money collected for the badly written management plan for the Kaliakra Complex, ZZ, Kaliakra and ZZ, , The White Rocks. With one bullet two rabbits! Hem took the money and kicked the people out of their property!

In the summer action, the census was seen as the leaders of the coalition, "For nature to remain in Bulgaria". The censors were actively supported by the media group Economedia.
Again, the state under obligation to the European Habitat and Birds Directives will give BGN 16,951,500 for counting the nature! From this money, the winner will also give money for media coverage !!! The Green Octopus will protest against a second lift in Pirin on January 4, 2018, because "a very large number of centuries-old" will be destroyed. The "natural" monopoly on the knowledge of the centuries-old buds is only owned by the green octopus, as well as the knowledge of the Ponto-Sarmatian steppes, the hawks, the yellow-stump, the black stork, and so on.
With the help of Economedia and their satellite websites, it explains how the green octopus is most likely to have given birth to nature and that he is the only owner of the octopus, and people must be evicted outside Bulgaria.
It is true that the structures of coalition "For the sake of the nature in Bulgaria", through consortia or other kind of shambles, should be paid up to BGN 16 951 500. How many tens or hundreds of thousands of people in Bulgaria will be left without property after the counting these counters are not known!
It is true that the contract now includes: "Analyzes and studies of the bird species in Bulgaria", "Analyzes and studies of the species and habitat types in Bulgaria" and "Control and validation of the results of the conducted analyzes and studies of the species and natural habitats in Bulgaria ". This means that if the winner of the contract is unfair to the public, it will remain in secret who and what is counted in his property; the census will have the right to analyze whether these properties should be nationalized or not, who will use the property afterwards. Control of counting and analysis will be done by the analyst-analyst himself.
It is true that in 2013-2015, the Executive Environment Agency paid to ENVEKO Ltd. VAT 1 128 000 BGN for field surveys of the distribution and number of breeding bird species in Bulgaria (quite a big match with the subject the above commented order). The data from this study - mapping material, numbers, species, etc. that must be public can not be found in the agency. It is not known from this census that someone has been ousted from his property. This is because the study is carried out by a company and not by a "nature conservation" organization that has the interest in the research data being such that its "nature conservation" activity can spread to ever larger larger territories. This is a conflict of interest. Knowledge of large areas of 'environmental NGOs' leads to the total dependence of the lives of people living in these territories on the political interests of these NGOs. "Conservation NGOs" - the acquisition of financial resources by the taxpayer with which to engage in political terror on the same taxpayer.

Nature is only an occasion, the reason is money, and the goal is power.
If the prosecutor's office carries out a preventive activity, it has to self-examine and investigate whether there is a connection between the "nature protests" against the construction of a second gondola lift in Bansko and their influence for winning BGN 16,951,500 from participants in the same protests.
NABBS publicly states that it expects an invitation to carry out public control over the execution of the announced order for BGN 16 951 500. The control will be carried out by the owner / user of the property.
NABBS calls on the "protesting environmentalists" against the construction of a second
booth in Bansko before deciding whether to participate in the protest or whether they will participate in the winning of BGN 16,951,500 from the Executive Environment Agency.

1.Link to: Public procurement for selection of contractors for carrying out analyzes and surveys of species and natural habitats in Bulgaria, subject to reporting under Art. 17 of the Habitats Directive and Art. 12 of the Birds Directive by three separate lots.

2. Attachment: Certificate issued by the Executive Environment Agency to the Ministry of Environment and Water issued to the company "ENVEKO" DZZD