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Black Sea mayors jumped on the "green racketeering"

Black Sea mayors jumped on the "green racketeering"

Source: CROSS

The Association of Bulgarian Black Sea Municipalities asked the Ministry holding a new conference and repeated readings of the results of the project "Mapping and determine the conservation status of habitats and species - Phase I". The mayors said they were not informed about the conference. The results of the research directly affect the acceptance or non-acceptance of any plan of Black Sea municipalities. The mayors of the association expressed distrust in the minds of conference reports. mayors are considering to set up an association "to protect the people of Bulgaria."
"We believe that it is appropriate MPP or MLSP should take similar protective functions of the Ministry over municipalities. We are not far from thinking that it is necessary to establish the association "To protect the people of Bulgaria" given usurping actions and behavior of environmental organizations. "
Mayor of Shabla prof. Raina Bardareva predicted that soon the European Union must declare for endangered species homo sapiens on the territory of Bulgaria and to fund programs for its conservation.
"Again, ecology, ecology sake and as usual, Homo sapiens is not present anywhere and is not far when the European Union will have to fund projects for its protection as endangered species," said Professor. Bardareva.
We at the National Association "Black Sea" stand by the just demands of Black Mayors. The purpose of psevdoekolozite of coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria" is not nature conservation and seizure of municipal and private lands that we inherited from our ancestors. In the frenzied quest to acquire more than 1 billion of our tax lev and euro money for the new programming period 2014-2020, "environmentalists" impinge on the sacred private property and the right of each holder to develop all economic activity permitted by law. Why group spotted ekomilioneri not buy private lands and then to tap EU funds for their hollow EU projects? All pseudo protests, masked behind the green cause only mean one thing - to take in as much foreign millions for hire and on the back of ordinary people.