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Bulgaria light years ahead of the countries of Europe


Bulgarians live in reserves. "Our country has the largest relative size of reserves with a strict regime. The network of reserves puts us in Finland and Norway. " This was announced by Minister Ivelina Vasileva upon presentation of the new Red Book of protected species in the Academy of 17.07.2015g. To make it clear to the public what they mean above facts, Dimitar Kanarievi of NABCH presents the following calculations:
Finland is three times larger than the area in Bulgaria - 338.145 km², and 24% less population, Norway is 3.5 times larger than the area in Bulgaria - 385.178 km², and 26% less population .
"... The new edition of the Red Book of Bulgaria, which presents 808 protected species - plants and fungi, 287 animals and 166 natural habitats." - Added Minister Vasileva.
Of the National Association "Black Sea" hope that the data in the Red Book are correct. Do not become like last time - only botanists BAS determine dunes, then why not geomorfolozite to count wild rabbits or dolphins numbered now?

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