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Burgas is requested most green building


The ideas of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" about clean air in urban cities and the talks with the business led to the launch of a project, which is the only one for Bulgaria.



    For the first time it will provides power for electric vehicles in all parking lots in our country

Infrastructure for individual electric power of 150 parking spaces will have a super modern 18-storey building, which began to be built in Burgas jk "Lazur". Like something is offered for the first time in the country, as far filling stations only in public buildings and public parks.

Power will be free, and energy will be provided by solar panels located on the roof terraces yuzhtite. The photovoltaic system will provide electricity and common areas.


"We are aware that the use of electric cars is still limited, but it is the trend worldwide. Our desire is to create truly innovative building in the spirit of global architectural trends and sustainable development. A green solutions are an integral part of it. ", Explains investors' SC" LTD. "We hope to put a good practice in Bulgaria, for convenient option for charging electric vehicles in zhilishtnte buildings is one of the factors to promote their use." They added.


This is not only environmentally friendly solution embedded in the design of the building in "Lazur". A project for energy efficiency, its measures include the use of energy efficient natural stones - bricks with high thermal insulation properties, effective comprehensive insulation system, energy efficient profiles and glass. Thus the necessary heating and cooling energy can be at times lower in comparison with older buildings without insulation. Besides caring for the environment these measures and ensure low cost of living there.


Landscape design of the building is also in line with the latest architectural trends for planting vertically. It will be located on the terraces that resemble waves being provided and intelligent irrigation system. They will be created and external green spaces within the perimeter of the building, which will contribute to improve the environment around the residential area. The choice of vegetation and the design is entirely consistent with the requirements of the Municipality.

"Even when presenting the project stated their intention to ask new socially responsible model of development in Bulgaria. Environmental solutions and improvements that can contribute to the quality of life throughout the region, not only for the tenants is a priority for us, "are clear investors.


They will invest 1 million. Lev in the construction of inner roads, parking lot and playground with the possibility of free use of neighbors. Part of responsible policy decisions are accessible environment for disadvantaged persons, three of the apartments are specially adapted for people with disabilities.


Near the Sea Garden, the building, which according to experts could easily bear the signature of Zaha Hadid will be smart and beautifully integrated into the general environment in exceptional harmony both with the city and nature. Of 23 970 m2 total area will be 126 luxury apartments and 9 offices.