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About the dunes at Bulgarian coast


In 2013 and sands dunes were included in the public state property to protect them, and many private owners were left with finger in his mouth. Ministry of Environment and Water determine a committee of two  professor biologists associated with the green mafia and in particular with Thoma Belev to determine where there are the dunes located and where not.


Iit is interesting that, in the European directive 92/43 / EEC of the Council from 21 May 1992, on the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora listed species dunes of  interest  for protection in the EU but elsewhere  Black Sea and Danube dunes are not included.  Under the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive, which are the basis of the network Natura 2000, Bulgaria had an obligation to declare dune habitats and their  inclusion in the network, which it was made and the EC confirms this. Of course, the EC does not require the dunes to be announced by Bulgaria on public property and private property owners to be evicted from their plots. Neither requires all dunes be conserving, but only where there are valuable species of interest for that.


This is good, but in 2013, when the dunes are announced, most unexpectedly for publicly owned а commission appointed again to determine what is dune and what-not.


The problem comes from the fact that in their haste to join us as quickly as possible in Natura2000, MEW  and "green" experts have used some old data from the dunes before 1989. It turns out that according to the EC Bulgaria indicated in detail all dunes, but after 2013 they were inadequate for the appetites of the green mafia and therefore appointed a new commission to examines the Black Sea coast, to seek new itself out and blown by the wind dunes and chase the owners of there, so that then "greens" to "protect" the sand and the flies on it against successive millions from any eco program. Accordingly, to frustrate the development of tourism, which is their primary objective.


Last year the government took the sensible decision to ban wild camping in order to protect the beaches   near the  non-urbanized areas from pollution. "Green" gave a terrible howl and launched a massive media roar shedding crocodile tears for the oppressed rights of the citizen to rest in nature and so on. The Government  bent over  and overturned the ban.

Let interpose that according to the law of the Black Sea Coast Sea beach for ecological tourism "is a beach included in the Annex to Art. 7, para. 9, which in view of the natural resources need to be saved through conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems in the wise use of natural resources and on whose territory is not doing business. " Unfortunately no conservation does not happen, but an orgy of wild campers.


Cars, caravans, trailers, pots and pans, satellites and tents, fires,cut trees, logging tons of garbage and the incredible toilet, representing two boards over the hole in the dunes, killed all my childhood dreams about the hygiene of nature lovers. And if ever in tones furniture, cars and other signs of civilization there were dunes, then after camping is no longer such. Nature still licking his wounds and nightmares of residence of the crown of creation on it.


It turns out that landowners turned into dunes should be expelled because threaten the blown sand and briars on them, but wild camping that left only garbage and literally cut and cause fires are ok because thay love nature.

The normal, regular tourism is bad, because fulfills all environmental requirements, generate jobs and pay taxes, and the Vandals, who made themselves  Adam and Eve among blackthorn are good and so mess  and threaten Mother Nature. The pictures say more than a thousand words. They are too many to attach all, but the idea is clear.