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Effective regulated camping and parking on the Black Sea


Organization of 03/09/2016, from SABA rally in front of the presidency, to which citizens from 10 Black Sea city were supportive of the changes in ZUCHK and submitted an open letter from the association to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, must have helped the president to hear According to people taking the right decision not to veto the amendment of the law.

Today, President Rosen Plevneliev promulgated the Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on Spatial Black Sea coast. With the promulgation of this Act shall come into force and the prohibition of arbitrary camping and parking outside designated areas in Zone "A" on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Thus the president override the constitutional rights of Bulgarian citizens, hundreds of thousands of seaside residents and their guests, saved thousands of acres of beaches, dunes, forests and lands from invasions of divokampinguvashtite.

NABCH We are very happy that shameful for our country saga divokampinguvaneto coast ended with a broad political consensus and will not have again "to map divakuvashtite" on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, as every summer.

The adoption of the amendment stands Bulgarian society and shows its willingness to protect the environment and the desire to enjoy ecological tourism and beaches. Thus Bulgaria is close to its European partners, which already exist such prohibitions, and time has shown that this store not only nature, but also the culture of the people.
Source: website of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria