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Greenpeace at the court for extortion, influence peddling etc

"The real threat to the life and health of humans is not genetically engineered but organized crime group called Greenpeace"

Author: Henry Miller
(with redundancy)
Source: Forbes, 30.06.2016
Finally Greenpeace got deserved summons by the court. The environmental organization is accused of extortion, influence peddling and corruption. Greenpeace is a defendant in a civil case brought by a Canadian company for wood products. In its complaint dig applied documents proving that Greenpeace has published fake photos and videos designed to show that the company has conducted felling in protected forest areas that were actually affected by fires and other natural causes. President of the American Council on Science and Health Hank Campbell commented: "That's where the money collected for causes of Greenpeace! For paid Internet hackers and eco-terrorists who use fear and incite uneducated people to do the dirty work for them."

Began as protesters from small boats defenders who avoid the harpoons of Japanese whalers, Greenpeace today's financial empire with offices in 40 countries. With an annual budget of over $ 360 million and experimental manipulations green organization managed to turn the media into an instrument for devious political campaigns and comfortable theater.


What few people know is that Greenpeace is not the only organization that rescues whales and opposes logging and exploration of deposits of oil and gas. More than a decade, its PR machine endeavor to deprive millions of children in the poorest countries of basic foods to prevent starvation and blindness.


The aim of Greenpeace is to block the development of new plant varieties collectively called "Golden Rice". The "Golden rice" is the staple food for hundreds of millions of people, especially in Asia. Although it is an excellent source of calories in rice lacks some substances necessary for a complete diet. In the 1980s and 1990s, German scientists Ingo Potrikus and Peter Beyer developed the bio-fortified varieties of "golden rice", rich in genes that produce beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A.


Lack of vitamin A is a mass epidemic among poor people eating mostly rice. Ordinary rice is rich in carbohydrates but low in vitamins calorie source that does not contain beta-carotene or vitamin A. In developing countries, 200-300 million children of preschool age suffer from vitamin A deficiency, which increases their sensitivity to diseases, including measles and diarrhea. Every year about half a million children remain blind due to vitamin A deficiency, and 70% of them die within one year.
In a letter to the media, shown at a press conference on June 30, more than 100 Nobel Laureates from different disciplines expressed their support for genetic engineering in agriculture, and urged non-governmental organizations, the UN and all governments around the world to join them. All winners, including in areas such as medicine, economics, physics, chemistry, literature and peace, have signed an open letter calling Greenpeace and other NGOs blocking progress, to abandon the campaign against genetic engineering in agriculture.
For years GM foods are used for bogey from the left and antitehnologichni green activists around the world. Perhaps because they present them to the public as the "evil genius" comes according to them unnatural private laboratories which are being developed.