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Greens: We do not care for cutting down in the Rhodope mounting

Publish without edition an article in "Trud" from 24.10.2016.


Greens: We do not care for cutting down the forests in the Rhodope mounting 


Shameless lobbying by environmentalists by WWF is about to destroy the profession ecologist in Bulgaria for decades.


Total amnesia, possibly backed by Arab petrodollars engulfed the Bulgarian environmentalists from WWF and coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria".


On October 19, live on TV +  Alexander Dunchev, an expert in offshore Swiss NGO, said his environmental organization is not interested in cutting down ancient forests in the Rhodopes, as they were not protected. This statement creates at least three absurdity that will tarnished for decades on the profession ecologist in the country.


First, disparagement of Dunchev to nature in the Rhodopes - there were only "some 120 years old spruce" is shameful and totally unprofessional. The usefulness of forest ecosystems and people do not depend solely on whether they are included in any natural or national park. This is important especially for the centuries-old forests, which are subject to additional legal protection, and particularly those in the Rhodope Mountains are included in the international network Natura 2000.


This is a double effect for Bulgaria, which places national parks are determined mainly during the socialist regime in the first years of transition, often for political reasons and under political pressure.

Be erased from the earth thousands of acres of old-growth forests in Pamporovo negligible, is shameless act for anyone calling himself an ecologist and only shows the shocking incompetence or corrupt motives.


Second, the words of Alexander Dunchev are downright schizophrenic. Designed by Swiss WWF, where he works Rhodopes are mapped as one of the most important forests in Europe. The project started in 2015 and completed in early 2016 with recommendations oldest forests in the Bulgarian mountains can be protected with a higher status. Alexander Dunchev himself took part at press conference on the topic, October 9, 2015, describing the results of the old forests in the Rhodope Mountains, Eastern and Western Balkan and Central forest with the conclusion that the country has between 100,000 and 120,000 hectares such arrays.


On January 26, 2016 WWF sent a letter to Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Georgi Kostov with a copy to all forest enterprises in Bulgaria and the rector of the University of Forests with a call to stop logging in the 21,000 ha old forests mapped by WWF, the adoption special measures for their protection. The letter stated that these old forests are critical for life on the planet and are home to 80% of terrestrial species. Environmentalists themselves have indicated that over 50% of old forests in Bulgaria are outside protected areas, with only 2.5% of them are well protected.


Third, according to Dunchev development of the ski and tourist resorts across national and natural parks should not excite environmentalists. Does this mean that all old-growth forests in the Rhodope Mountains can be cut down without troubled environmentalists, and they during this time should raise scandals about any legally cut a young tree in the nature and national parks, even its removal is part of the master of landslides that threaten human life?

Really one ecologist is not the only problem undoubtedly proven cases of large-scale illegal construction and felling of forest in Bulgaria and in Pamporovo?

Spontaneous catharsis of ecologist Dunchev about Rhodope, Pamporovo probably can be explained very clearly by held in secret Arab interests at the resort, which is expected to soon be announced. As  "Trud" wrote, Bulgarian green NGOs have proven links with pro-Islamist foundations that have drawn them nearly $ 1 million over the past 10 years.

Hardly would be surprised if the same Middle Eastern influence began to use Bulgarian environmentalists for clearing land and economic interests in tourism. Ultimately there is nothing more green by Arab petrodollars.


Cases of Pamporovo tunnel in Kresna, ski zone in Pirin and more like show clearly that "environmentalists" Belev, Kovachev and Co have absolutely different from the nature conservation interests. Their financial part is just the tip of the iceberg. More evident it becomes that their activity is directed against the interests of the country and largely risk to national security. It is abundantly clear that the National Security Agency and other intelligence services have sufficient reason to pay more attention to the "environmentalists" and  their not so green activities.