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The Greens lost 3.5 million. Lev counting dolphins


The Greens lost 3.5 million. Lev counting dolphins
 revenge on Prime Minister Mihaylova


Today, "green" lost the contract for 3.5 million. Lev counting dolphins and immediately took revenge with the Minister of Environment and Water Iskra Mihailova. Coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria", which occupy a central position "Green Balkans" of this Belev used Strandja revenge to the Minister and to Bulgaria to send signals to the Attorney General and Brussels. The situation with the signal against Minister Mihailova shows that "green" do not care Strandja and money. Minister Mihailova terminate the summer the old contract Counting dolphins. Then the "green" tried to gain 3.5 million. Lev set by auction with direct negotiations.
 The new order for counting dolphins held in conditions of effective competition. Today, at the opening of tenders had three consortium with international participation. Unification "Pontic" "green," which includes "Green Balkans" and the Italian "Tethys" took third place with the highest price and lose the auction. First with the lowest price is Noah Association - 1 950 000 BGN., Second ITOB. This shows that "green" can not work honestly and without real competition and rigged procedures.
 NGOs in the summer approached Minister Mihailova attitudes order counting dolphins with a consortium of "green" - has just created an association "Dolphin", which includes "Ecological Center" owned by the "Green Balkans" and Italian company "Tethys". Then they were invited directly to direct negotiations, which is only two days after receiving the BULSTAT.
 National Association "Black Sea" reminds the public through the article of news agency "Blitz" of 20 July 2011. who so. called. "Green": "In 1999, during the UDF government with the mediation of Rousse Slobodka Stefanova deputy director of the Natural Park" Vitosha "is born in Kardzhali appointed Thomas Belev.Toy is a prominent" ecologist " , president of the private environmental organization "Green Balkans", subsequently became chairman of the "Association of parks in Bulgaria", member of the Party "The Greens" and its candidate for MEP and activist coalition "Let nature remain in Bulgaria".

In the last members and participants are his wife Merry Kavrakova, representative of the WWF Bulgaria, his associates Simeon Marin, son of Vice President Angel Marin, Andrey Kovachev, Chairman of the Association "For the Earth" and former co-chairman of the party "The Greens", his wife Catherine Rakovska by WWF and Petko Kovachev from the party "green" and member of the coalition "for the nature in Bulgaria" .This kinship company pretending to be the face of the environmental community in Bulgaria.

Their activities through established over 50 associations and foundations cover the whole country and with the participation of Andrey Kovachev in the High Ecological Expert Council at the Ministry of Environment and Water directly exert pressure and influence on all investment projects in Bulgaria, whether private or public newspaper "Republika".

But their biggest hit is "Natura 2000". European ecological network was created to preserve biodiversity in Europe. Research institutes to each Member State of the European Union made complete rules and regulations for the conservation and management of nature. Subsequently, they were adopted by their respective governments and formalized in protected areas "Natura 2000". For Austria 9% in Germany - 8% for France - 9% in Poland - 14%, etc.

In Bulgaria against all rules and European directives this process is entrusted to private Ecoassociation "Green Balkans", chaired by Thomas Belev. For this purpose by the Ministry of Environment and Water provided 3 mln. Euros in funding from the Danish government and set aside 3 million. Lev from PUUDOS, enterprises under the same ministry. Not invited to participate or Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, nor Sofia University or other specialized institutions or public authorities. This happens during the previous government. It got to the point that Vice Presidential son Simeon Marin has room on the third floor of the Ministry of Environment and Water. With this funding seriously ramping true bacchanalia in shooting and recording areas "Natura".
 Included are deliberately all suitable areas for development of summer and winter tourism, creation of wind and solar parks and places for construction of industrial facilities. The scope of these areas reaches 35 percent of the country - the greatest indicator of the European Union. The goal is total control over all investment intentions and at the same time absorb more funds for 8 million annually. Lev are set for monitoring areas "Natura". This money again are derived from "Green Balkans". And this is a very small part of the green octopus. Not to mention the millions received for determining the wetlands along the Danube and purchase of land by the sea near Shabla. Or dispersal of owls, storks, hamsters, frogs and other species. Nobody has verified how they spent the money and their appropriate .... "