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"Greens" took 25 million lev in dubious project

"Green" took 25 million lev in dubious project


25 million. Lev have sunk into dubious project called "Mapping and determine the conservation status of habitats and species - Phase I". Even more questionable is how and whether it has done some work. This show reporting data acquired millions allocated under EU programs (including our tax money) two years ago. According to information from the website of the Ministry mapping of invertebrates, amphibians and reptiles, fish, mammals without bats, bats, fungi, mosses, higher plants and birds lasted 25 months from April 2011 This mapping should be done on an area of ​​about 40 million acres of the 120 team. Simple accounts show that the performance of the reported volume work of that number of people is only possible if they traveled in a run 25 km every day, even in winter. While fleeing, somehow they managed to describe 859 species of animals and plants and 81 habitats.
Assuming the impossible, it turns out that each team is mapping hour 75 acres for this one hour in these 75 acres is performed 8 kinds of activities.
All of this activity to 75 acres per hour was performed on fields (during most of the year with crops in them), pastures, forests, cross-country, rivers, lakes, swamps, the Black Sea, a small percentage of towns and villages. and the territory of private security site without being visited.
During these 25 months of continuous operation - winter and summer, rain or shine, described a huge number of species of flora and fauna and habitats.
According to the reported cost of the project turns out that each of the experts worked pick-and-shovel for about 500 lev per month. Moreover, without any profit to the organizers of fieldwork. A transport is paid by an alien force. The accounts are disturbing and indicate that the number of people engaged in fieldwork was at times less than alleged, which in turn means that it is possible to do the work reported. The other option is reported not to work is carried out. We suspect that the presented field studies, bone 25 million lev have been written in the cabinet and are not real. A so-called contractors and not smelled any moss or bugs.
A few days ago MEW place in a very narrow range of semi-secret conference already completed project.
On the department had announced that this project spent 25,863,637, 60 lev in contracts for performers of fieldwork paid 15,464,574 Levs, equipment - 337 447.24 lev for information system "Natura 2000 »- 968 000 lev for the consulting contract without notice (not specified with whom) - 295 500 Levs or a total of 17,029,521 lev VAT and VAT - 20 435 425.20 lev question is where are gone the remaining 5 400 000 lev and why no information about them?
Meetings were also "huge number" of two public meetings living on the Black Sea (1.075 million) to get acquainted with land surveys on the territory of Black Sea municipalities.
We hope competent authorities on its own initiative and to examine.

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