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Greens want to seize the field of healing mud?


Todor Georgiev, secretary of the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea ": A group of people manage through green racketeering without winning elections


Source: Monitor Agency - Tuesday, 09-05-2017
Author: Maria Atanasova
Photo: Monitor Agency


The people have realized that self-protected environmentalists are eco-discoverers


- Mr. Georgiev, a few days ago you alarmed about the ecological disaster at Pomorie Lake, what is actually happening?
- To make use of BGN 680 000, the NGO Green Balkans made an artificial island in Pomorie Lake, cutting off the shaft. Then they surrounded it with a plastic net and covered it with gravel from the Tundja River. All this was done without taking into account the biotope of the unique Pomorie Lake, which resulted in the transfer of intratuted (imported) species of plants. They did not exist in the salt lake before, and now the flora there is completely changed. These river plants change not only the nesting birds' habitats but also the composition of soil and water. Our experts fear that the process that has begun can irretrievably damage the unique healing mud of Pomorie. We think we are on the verge of an ecological disaster, and that's not overpowering. Pomorieans, who have been called by Green Balkans activists "people who can drink only brandy and do not understand anything else" suspect that the purpose of the green circles is to seize the field of healing mud and to gain monopoly from it.


- Is that correct?
- Induced species and invasive plant species that have already captured the lake are very difficult to remove. Whether it's fixable is hard to tell. It is a fact, however, that the result of the absorption of this BGN 680 000 is extremely negative and contrary to the stated objective in the project to preserve the endangered bird species. Instead, the result is that all these birds have escaped from there, and on this newly-populated and, incidentally, illegal island, no nests are nesting. Whole colonies shifted very close to the town of Pomorie and the natives voluntarily cared for them. The situation is really serious. I will give an example to the raven who is not a Black Sea resident. Several decades ago it was brought in by ships from the ocean and today it is a plague for Black Sea shellfish because it is at the top of the food chain and eats it. This is not good, because the black clam is the liver of the sea and purifies it. No one is able to clear the sea of ​​rapana.


- You have called for an end to the absorption of money from eco-organizations, why?
- Because it is high time that the money paid by taxpayers is actually used to conserve biodiversity rather than financially subsidize dubious associations that are once environmental organizations, sometimes political parties, third time protestors, public figures, N. And, in fact, all these subjects are professionals in money-making. Money must go to the owner, to protect the biodiversity in his territory. If those organizations that have so far used money have good experts, the owners will hire them if necessary. The owner should see the direct financial benefit of protecting biodiversity. The disposition of another with the earth existed for a while with Mr. Todor Zhivkov at the cooperative farms.

- NABBS has been fighting against the so-called green rackecy for years, did you manage to overcome this phenomenon?
"This phenomenon is actually a financial instrument and a mechanism of influence. Through it a group of people, self-proclaimed for nature conservationists, run without winning elections. This green racketeering is most pronounced where there is economic activity - the ski zone in Bansko, the Struma highway in the Kresna Gorge and, of course, the whole Black Sea coast. There are neither "environmentalists" nor "green racketeases" in areas where there is no economy or small. For example, why does not anyone care about protecting the dunes on the Danube? Because there nobody will pay green racketeers because there are no economic interests there. The public in Bulgaria perceives that self-sustained environmentalists sponsored by the budget and Europe are a clean sample of eco-discoverers. We are pleased that we were able to awaken people and show them the truth. But the battle is not over, she continues.



- NABBS was very active on Tsarevo's problem, where did it come from?
- NABBS was the only organization that appealed the orders of the Ministry of Environment and Water and the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works which effectively blocked the operation of a lawfully adopted Master Plan, which was also recognized by the Supreme Administrative Court as legitimate. We appealed in 2014 if I'm not mistaken. We have won the three-member board of the VAC, now we are waiting for a five-member panel. If it confirms the decision of the first instance, there will be no longer any obstacle to the Tsarevo Master Plan to continue functioning.

- You already have several successful campaigns against wild campsite, are you planning similar actions?
- On the initiative of NABBS in the Act on the Structure of the Black Sea Coast, a text has been written which obliges in the Law on Tourism to create rules that will not allow the formation of cartoons during the summer season on the sea beaches and behind them. Such predatory use of natural resources is strictly prohibited across Europe. We will continue to insist that the rules of the Ministry of Tourism be adopted as quickly as possible. Separately, we work together with maritime municipalities and municipal councils to adopt local public order regulations to prevent the formation of cartoons polluting the beaches and the territories behind them. This summer, again and again, we will make an expedition to map the divas in the Black Sea. At our last such expedition, we recorded 20 "habitats" of savages from Durankulak to Rezovo.

- What did we get from NATURA 2000?
- Interesting question. On 28 March this year, the European Commission published a document called NATURA-2000 Plan. It reports that the terrestrial part of the NATURA network has been completed and covers 18% of the territory of the EU. In Bulgaria, NATURA Network is currently 38.5%. This shows that Bulgarian NATURA 2000 is not built to protect biodiversity but to conquer territories and exert influence. This document states that the European taxpayer pays € 5.8bn a year for the NATURA zone, and the benefits were for € 200-300bn. We ask where the billions of benefits are specific to Bulgaria. The European Commission is paying serious attention to the fact that property owners in NATURA are widespread in managing these areas. There is no such practice in Bulgaria so far and it is not clear why. It is high time for the competent authorities to come out and say when the usual European practice will apply. Undoubtedly, the owner is the best owner, and proof of this is that for hundreds of years the owners have preserved the nature in Bulgaria until 2003-2004, when a group of people self-proclaimed paid guards and called nature conservation organizations. Not these young people who live today and protest the "yellow pavers" have preserved nature, and their grandparents. I do not see a problem living in Sofia and protesting against concrete in settling in abandoned Bulgarian villages and living in the nature they love. I can not see why the organizations of the Green Octopus, whose offices are located in the center of Sofia among the concrete, do not go to abandoned and deserted Bulgarian villages and also to be in the nature they say they are loving. Certainly they will not do so because it is impossible for the Bulgarian village to be pressed by the executive power through which they can absorb the money of Bulgarian and European taxpayers given for the preservation of nature.



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Todor Georgiev is secretary and member of the Board of the Bulgarian Association "Bulgarian Black Sea"
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