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Hundreds of thousands gone to green pockets in recommendations

At the end of 2015 it is over once project green "environmentalists"
suspecting a waste of money
Source:. "Trud" from 11.01.2016g.
Picture of publication: c. Labor
At the end of 2015 it is over once project green "environmentalists" for suspecting waste of money. This time the beneficiary is a Bulgarian-Swiss Foundation "Biodiversity". It is known as one of the most well-funded organizations operating principally against the Bulgarian ski resorts. So no surprise that the result of "assimilation" of these over 400 000 lev is precisely recommendation to prohibit winter sports in Bulgaria to preserve the capercaillie.
Are provided 437,000 lev OP "Environment" to prepare an action plan aimed at capercaillie, and Three-Finger woodpecker woodpecker in Bulgaria. Project activities * are strange - should be counted woodpeckers and grouse, analyze what and when to eat, what their behavior to make public hearings, press conferences and handing out leaflets to promote three types of birds. For all were paid 433 759 lev to 31.12.2015, when completed and initiative.
As mentioned above, the beneficiary is a Bulgarian-Swiss Foundation "Biodiversity" and the contractor is Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds. Both organizations are members of the coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria". "Biodiversity" Foundation is managed by Petko Tsvetkov, co-chair of the Greens political party and responsible for project Stefan Avramov, another hot right along utilization project for 14 million lev management of wetlands.
The main outcome of the project is the discovery that skiing and hiking areas and lifts are the main threats to the spread of capercaillie and they should be banned. One of the conclusions is that, you see, the ski slopes confined territories grouse about "I" (mating). Other important things discovered after absorbing nearly half a million lev affect the diet of capercaillie - the menu included large buds and leaves of pine and spruce. In the summer they love to eat molluscs and insects. Small grouse did eat mostly aphids, grasshoppers and spiders. Given that these are all things that are written in the textbooks of biology really was no need to spend nearly half a million lev?
Interestingly, of the "Biodiversity" recognize that the capercaillie is not an endangered species and is found in all the mountains. We can not explain how in such a vast and wide dissemination of this bird namely ski areas holding much less than 0.01% of mountains are such a "significant" threat.
The analysis of woodpecker found lower risks of skiing for it, although it is noted that one time it was about Pamporovo winter tourism and that there expelled him. The key discovery for Three-Finger woodpecker does is that he is monogamous.
Do not underestimate the value of discoveries about diet and mating habits of the capercaillie and the woodpecker. But a botched custom-inserted absurd conclusions for winter tourism and lifts suggest that doubts about this project is not limited just to inefficient spending, but also point to the financing of private lobbying activities with government money.
Increasingly becomes clear business model for NGOs from the Coalition "For the Nature in Bulgaria", which funded lobbying and political activity through inflated state and grant projects.
How long in Bulgaria the state will finance private lobbying organizations that often work against not only the tourism sector but also against the state itself?
* Project Number of MIS: BG161PO005-3.0.07-0046-C0001