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"Investigate" or pursued interests "Bivol" ???


"Bivol" Chobanov lives off the French Treasury

Dragged Bulgarians abroad with donations given to steal from him Gazette
He had a red Porsche and above average salary and dwells social housing


Source: Agency Monitor - Sunday, 18-10-2015 - 17:31
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Comfortable life on the back of the French State leads the editor of the site "Bivol" Atanas Chobanov. Ortakat of Assen Yordanov, who several years ago tried to build an image of an investigative journalist in the public space precisely with an article allegedly implicating the then minister in the drain of the social system of "roosters" are actually actively benefit from the same system.

For years Chobanov living in housing owned by the Office public departemental d'habitation a loyer modere OPHML (Hauts-de-Seine Habitat) - a public company with subsidiaries in some of the municipalities in France, which according to the regulation to build and provide housing " socially challenged "people. Ie persons with modest incomes in need of state support. This shows reference agency Monitor and Cadastre Bureau mortgages responsible for picturesque Paris suburb Plessis-Robinson. It was there, on the street. Allee des Mouilleboeufs №10, housed 2008 family Chobanov.


Prices for eligible
The apartment of 70 square is located in a new building less than a decade living with windows, polished facade, laminated blinds and ample parking, as Chobanov pay rent for the apartment at least 20% below market. In their own testimonials. In an interview with Channel 3 television which will broadcast in full tomorrow, he argues that a similar dwelling on the open market should give about 1,000 euros, while Chobanov counted only 800 euros rent. The rest is extra charge from the French National Research Institute CNRS, in whose laboratory MoDyCo (leading to university "Paris-West") is a researcher.


Кооперацията в китното парижко предградие Плеси-Робинсон, където живее Атанас Чобанов със семейството си.
The building in the picturesque Paris suburb Plessis-Robinson, Atanas Chobanov where he lives with his family.

Again, according to the statement Chobanov to the fact that being housed with significantly reduced price, it was because of the rule that he could not give more than a third of their income for a place to live. Agency Monitor turned to the Scientific Institute and University "Paris-West" with the inquiry really has such a condition, the apartment of their Social Fund Is it given that officially waters OPHML, cost extra and how much of it and on What criteria did Chobanov received a similar dwelling. The second institution delicate forwarded the hot potato to the first on the grounds that "the bull" is an employee of the CNRS. From there I answer is still no, but while we wait institutions in the country of "roosters" to respond to our inquiry, even if we are to believe the statements of Chobanov, comparing them with the facts shows sensitive discrepancies that fully explain harried reaction "buffalo "the last days and his attempt to conceal what he had done with cries that he was pressured and harassed.


Екипът на Канал 3 разговаря със съпругата на Атанас Чобанов - Мария.
The team of Channel 3 talked with the wife of Atanas Chobanov - Mary.
According to his own admission his salary is "above average for France," indicating the amount of 2,800 euros per month. With one catch - without mentioning gross or net worth is. Given that the average salary in the country for the past year is 2180 euros clean, making € 3,114 gross, it means that the figure indicated by Chobanov's net. Therefore, his gross remuneration exceeds by almost a quarter the critical level of 3,000 euros, above which according to its own statements Chobanov have to rent a house at market prices. Now is the time to note that these accounts do not even mention money his wife - Maria Sharapova Onuchko, a journalist and even now to write the piece, yet also have earnings (see more in the box). However, this is nothing against the fact that the French "official" Chobanov, actively benefiting of any bonus system to actively support the country is cheerful another private registered as self-employed consultant in the field of informatics to address ... their social housing. Refer to commercial and tax registers shows that the "bull" is led by a self-employed consultant in 2002, initially gave a correspondence address his previous residence, located on Rue de la clef №7 in the heart of Paris (for Refer to 40 sq.m there is paid € 750 to 2007, which explains why Chobanov has done everything possible to attach to the French social system). After moving in Plessis-Robinson he changed his mailing address, as this year is water that does not receive any income from consulting activities.

Not the case, however, things of the past. In the commercial register of France expressly stated that in previous years had employees and adequately remunerated and consulting itself is registered for VAT. According to the French legislation any company that wants to use tax credit, you must have a minimum turnover of € 40,000 per year. As a supplement and the fact that "socially challenging 'Chobanov actually as understood in our country, and in France the leading property man (a fact that should arouse the interest of the French social services), as it has lovely sea villa in the village of Varvara and even owned red Porsche (according to the stories of his former partner - the late Alexander Gradinarov) is, to put it mildly, brazenly that "bull" in general have access to social bonuses. But he apparently did not suffer from scruples after candidly admits that hold active registration of the consulting business because you can leave "any side income."


And we came to the audacity and his former partner Gradinarov, here is the moment to emphasize that the Bulgarians living abroad have complained for years that they have been deceived and swept money from Chobanov. The funds were intended for the newspaper in France, but went into the pocket of "buffalo". For that communicate themselves in a special blog created by them, aiming to reveal the misdeeds of posing as a Parisian journalist nashenets.
"We make this site to show the truth about the person Atanas Chobanov (one pictured above), which hang on the web and as a candidate for the European Parliament, president of several phantom parties, publisher of" Paris News "and much more, who will write here soon. Tired we like people to abuse the interests and needs of the Bulgarian communities abroad, led by the most rough-seeking and self-serving motives, "wrote the Bulgarians.

In 2009 Chobanov managed to acquire the rights to the newspaper "Paris News", which until recently has released with his partner - the famous writer Alexander Gradinarov.
The first issue of the newspaper comes out in April 2003. Since December 2004, however, "Paris News" was released along with other overseas weekly - London "Budilnik", the first Bulgarian newspaper in Britain, and is distributed in Bulgaria, France, Britain, the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Germany, and the annual subscription for both editions cost 65 euros. The publication Chobanov venture as director. In an open letter group of Bulgarian artists living abroad, however, say that Chobanov "is completely unknown among prestigious and successful Bulgarians abroad."
2 years ago Gradinarov died but before his death disclose publicly that he had been fucked by the recent partner Chobanov that "fraudulent actions" succeeds him steal the newspaper, using it as an excuse to collect sponsorships and donations for their own subsistence. Against Chobanov was filed and the case in France.


Being in the shadow of services
Before becoming an "independent journalist", Atanas Chobanov tried to bring fee and Bulgarian secret services. According to the Bulgarians in France, who maintain relations with the Bulgarian Embassy in Paris say that Chobanov offered repeatedly to associate the Bulgarian secret services, but since this is not his proposed financial gains refused and began to speak evil against them.
Allegations of our compatriots in fact far from being the only ones who casts services over the life of the self-styled investigative journalist. His wife Maria Onuchko currently works for Russia Beyond the Headlines ("Russia beyond the headlines") - overseas project behind which allegedly stands Kremlin propaganda machine, is the daughter of longtime correspondent of RIA Novosti in Paris and Brussels Victor Onuchko . It is no secret that such positions do not send random people.
Chobanov is himself an immigrant in Paris since 1991. In his youth was Komsomol secretary, and in 1989 applied for membership in the Bulgarian Communist Party. Over the past few years he made desperate attempts to engage in politics. For this purpose umilkva about UDF, then about NMS, and recently wrote an activist of the DSB. There is evidence that years ago was engaged with the parties of George Ganchev, and then EuroLeft Alexander Tomov. "Spurned everywhere is because of mental imbalance, narcissism and aggressiveness. Distinguished by its unprincipled and willing to do anything for money. Characterized by full bezideynost and tend to parasitize on foreign ideas that assigns and present for their "claim Bulgarians abroad. Then Chobanov made several attempts to create his party, but failed to attract supporters - among these attempts "e-party" and the Union of Bulgarians in the world "Future".

He jumped to his former buddies for posts
The self-warrior of honest and incorruptible journalism Atanas Chobanov is degraded to a simple getter and hater, say his aides to Blitz. Chobanov, who fights for the righteous in Bulgaria convenient apartment in Paris, spewing abusive posts your personal profile on Facebook against his recent friends and allies "protest network" and reformist bloc showed inspection agency. In some of his recent posts Chobanov even resents that organizations have not jumped to defend it after it became clear that a check of the property. "It is insulting, feels fucked since parliamentary elections last year, when the DSB it raised in its leaves for MPs and had to run out of greens. Then greens registered the worst result in its history," said activist party Radan Kanev and Ivan Kostov. Actually Chobanov passes for boy for dirty orders pocket General DSB Atanas Atanasov. The "revelations" of "Bivol" will read and redche for privatization dealings Kostov and offshore business of President Plevneliev and energy oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. After he screwed the elections, however, Chobanov hardened against his. "His dream is to become an MP or MEP. This is simply plain careerism. Ideals are for deception. His other great purpose is to hide his wife's correspondent in Paris of Russian newspaper close to Putin. How will writes about such Russophobe, even his family will be dependent on the Kremlin, "said the entourage Chobanov.