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The Minister of EW held a working meeting with NABBS and NGOs


The Minister of Environment and Waters, held a working meeting with

NABBS and a group of NGOs

On 19.01.2016 at the Ministry of Environment and Waters Minister Mrs. Ivelina Vasileva and her team: Deputy minister B. Malinov, Mr. M. Kalougerov - Director of the National service for nature protection and Mrs. R. Dimova - Head of NATURA 2000 unit, held a working meeting with a group of non-governmental organizations including the National Association "Bulgarian Black Sea" (NABBS).
The main topic of the meeting was the helded on 20.11.2015 in Brussels, conference on the occasion of the initiative of the President of the European Commission Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, to verify the appropriateness of the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive which defining the ecological network NATURA 2000 and the conference commitments to the member states. At the conference in Brussels participated representative of NABBS.
During the meeting in the Ministry, the representatives of non-governmental organizations set proposals and opinions on the specific conditions for Bulgaria:

1. Optimizing and introducing European best practices of management of Natura 2000 zones;

2. Involving local communities in the management of the zones and the introduction of effective compensation of property owners and users within the protected areas in Bulgaria;

3. The need for a more precise wording of the cumulative effect of environmental legislation in Bulgaria;

4. Decentralization model of decision-making regarding protected areas and territories through effective public hearings on the spot. Search positive effect on decisions concerning local stakeholders, who earn their living by surrounding them natural wealth;

Minister Vasileva expressed readiness to thoroughly consider the written proposals that will be submitted by non-profit organizations, attended the meeting. The Minister stressed that scientific expertise should be leading in the formation of policies and activities in ecology and environmental protection.

The meeting raised the issue and to update and streamline procedures for adopting management plans of protected areas. On the question of the Chairman of NABBS Mr. Dimitar Kanariev the fate of the general spatial plans of coastal municipalities, Minister Vasilevа said that the municipalities have withdrawn their plans or develping new ones and at the momnent htere are no any spatial plans of the coastal municipalities for consideration at MOEW.