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Minister Vassilev: 50% of the garbage must be recycled

Minister Ivelina Vasileva: 50% of household waste to be recycled by 2020
That said Minister of National Annual Conference of NAMB
Minister Ivelina Vasileva participate in the discussion forum "Environmental protection - a common concern of municipalities and state" within the National Annual Conference of the National Association of Municipalities in Republic of Bulgaria (NAMB). She outlined the main goals and challenges in policies on the management of water and waste.
"The environment should not be perceived as an obstacle to business development and the economy - rather, by providing a clean and safe environment, stimulating growth and creating new jobs," he said at the beginning of the forum, Minister Vassilev.
She stressed that integrated water management should be placed as a basic principle to provide clean, safe and sufficient water for the population, the economy and to ensure aquatic ecosystems are reflected in any policy of social and economic life of the country.
The Minister pointed out that the new challenges in waste management are related to the purposes for reuse and recycling of household waste - 50% of them must be recycled by 2020. "The draft National Plan for Waste Management outlines clear limits on policies waste in the next programming period, a huge burden will have infrastructure for treatment of bio-waste without the release of which would not be possible and improving the systems for collecting recyclable waste, "said Ivelina Vasileva.
She assured that will be made necessary efforts for realization of commitments and timely implementation of new requirements and improve governance in the sector. "It aims higher economic results for the country as a whole, but of course reduce long-term costs that will be felt by all of us as citizens." Minister was categorical.
"Today is more important than dialogue, cooperation and efforts to combine national and local level to be able to respond to today's environmental challenges and the development of the Bulgarian economy," concluded Minister Vasileva.